Emmanuelle In Paradise

Emmanuelle In Paradise - Cover

I bought this at the same time that I bought Emmanuelle’s Intimate Encounters. I wasn’t impressed with that film, and likely wouldn’t have bought this one if I’d watched that one first. But it was too late, so I could only hope that this one was better. Written by Jean-Jacques Lamore and directed by Kevin Alber (aka Ura Hee), Holly Sampson once again stars as the iconic erotic character Emmanuelle. It continues the premise from the previous film, with Emmanuelle traveling the world using the special mind-transference devices created by Maggie and Phillip Henson (Shauna O’Brien returns as Maggie, with D.J. West now playing Phillip, both appear only in brief cameos) to experience sexual pleasure. Some actors from the previous film return playing different characters.

It begins somewhere in the Middle East, where Emmanuelle visits an old friend of hers, The Sultan (Anthony Skordi). He has his own harem filled with beautiful women. Also arriving as his guests are married couple Matt and Ashley (Brad Bartram and Gabriella Hall). Matt’s a businessman doing business with The Sultan, who insists that Matt partakes of the harem. Ashley objects, but Matt insists that he has too, in order to not risk insulting The Sultan’s feelings (yeah, right). So during a big feast The Sultan has Matt taken to the harem, where we see Matt having sex with two women in a hot-tub, while two other women watch from the outside (none of the characters were named, so I don’t know whom all the actresses are, although I did recognize Tess Broussard but, sadly, she’s not one of the ones who gets nude in this film).

Meanwhile Emmanuelle talks with Ashley, who isn’t happy with what’s going on, so Emmanuelle suggests that they dress up as harem girl and sneak in. They do and are each given naked massages by two muscular men (David Usher and Tre Temptor). No sex happens there, but at least we’re given the opportunity to view Gabrielle and Holly’s nude bodies. Next The Sultan comes in to select one of the girls for a special guest of his, and he picks Ashley, not recognizing her with her veil on. Ashley doesn’t think she can go through with it, but Emmanuelle convinces her to try, and gives her the special necklace to wear. The special guest turns out to be Matt, who also doesn’t recognize Ashley with the veil and initially refuses, saying he realizes that he’d rather just be with his wife. Naturally, Ashley is delighted to hear that, takes off the veil and then they make love. At the same time, Emmanuelle is with The Sulton and she has him put on the headband while they have sex. So that he can feel Gabriella’s emotions and experience sex with love for the first time.

Next she goes to Toyko to visit her friend Justin (Robert Donavan), an American businessman who moved there. First Emmanuelle visits a massage parlor where she gets an erotic massage and has sex with a female masseuse (played by Linda Hong). Then she meets Justin at a restaurant and he tells her how he’s lonely and can’t find a good woman. She notices some sparks between him an a local geisha named Kieko (Aysia Lee), but he says their cultural differences are probably too vast. Then Justin meets Natasha (Allysin Chaynes), an American woman working as a geisha, and they go back to his place and have sex. And he thinks she’s the perfect woman, but Emmanuelle doesn’t trust her. So she sets him up to get a massage from Keiko, while both are wearing the devices so that Justin can sense Keiko’s feeling and tell that she really loves him. It works, and they get naked and kiss but, for whatever reason, they don’t show a full sex scene.

The final “episode” takes place in Las Vegas. Emmanuelle meets with two old friends of hers, Jonathan and Bill (John McCafferty and Steve Curtis), in an abandoned diner in the middle of the desert. Jonathan is a successful and very busy businessman, who never has time for relationships. Emmanuelle and Bill are trying to convince him to invest in a new humanitarian business venture that Bill is starting, but he’s not sure it’s worth the financial risk. So somehow Emmanuelle brings in one of Jonathan’s exes, a woman named Maya (Cheyenne Silver) and they go and have sex in the kitchen. Then she apparently disappears, there’s just no mention of her. Then another of his exes, Annika (Darby O’Riley) appears and they have sex outside in a pink convertible. Finally, they bring in Sheba (couldn’t find that actress in the credits, she looks familiar, but I don’t know her name), one of The Sultan’s harem girls. I guess she was the great love of Jonathan’s life. He agrees to give Bill all the money he needs for his venture, and then rides off with Sheba in his limo and they have sex. Back at the diner Emmanuelle and Bill celebrate by having sex.

Storywise the last episode didn’t make much sense, but overall this was much better than the first film. Especially the scenes with Gabriella Hall, who is STUNNING. It’s not perfect, but this film gets a Chacebook rating of 3 STARS


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