Emmanuelle Through Time: Emmanuelle’s Skin City


I saw this last night on Cinemax, or specifically MoreMax. It’s one of the latest incarnations of the Emmanuelle character, whom I’ve covered before, first in the spectacular 7-part Emmanuelle In Space series starring Krista Allen and then two average movies Emmanuelle’s Intimate Encounters and Emmanuelle In Paradise starring adult film star Holly Sampson in the title role.

This film has adult film star Allie Haze, credited as Brittany Joy, taking over the iconic softcore role of Emmanuelle. Like the Holly Sampson films, it seems that this film (which is listed as written and directed by Bugsy Shapiro, which I suspect is an alias since I couldn’t find any credits for that name on IMDB) is a set-up for a new premise for future Emmanuelle films. In the beginning, one of Emmanuelle’s lovers, a very wealthy man, buys her a high-tech solar-powered blimp with her name on it, as a “going away present” (he’s leaving her to get married to another woman). Emmanuelle then decided to use the blimp as a flying studio for her new online web-series about exploring sexuality all around the world. There’s also a virtual reality station on the blimp, where people can have sex in a simulation of any environment. She hires a staff to help run her show, and we’re introduced to the key members of her staff. There’s her assistant Gwen (Bridget Hudson), TV host Jack (Alec Zander), Renee (Nataliya Joy Prieto) – it’s not clear what her job is, the captain of the blimp William (Jason Sarcinelli) and adult film LEGEND Ron Jeremy as her film editor.

Emmanuelle and her staff decide to land in Las Vegas for a break. But once she gets there Emmanuelle is quickly abducted and taken to a top secret lab run by the U.S. Military. Robert Donavan plays Col. Paul Saunders, who runs the lab. He introduces her to scientists Brian (I couldn’t find this actor’s name in the credits) and Carla (Harper Issacs) and they show her a machine they’ve built which can open doorways into parallel universes. And it turns out that the machine is activated by sexual desire, which is why the government wants Emmanuelle for help, because of her raw sexuality. At one point Emmanuelle accidentally activates the machine is is transported to a parallel universe where the fictional character of “Emmanuelle” is a a worldwide phenomenon that has changed the course of civilization. As Emmanuelle wanders the streets of this parallel Las Vegas, trying to figure out what is going on, she’s astounded to see images and advertisements for “Emmanuelle” almost everywhere she goes. There are billboards and TV screens showing Emmanuelle films, from the original Sylvia Kristel movies to Emmanuelle in Space, and many others, including some fictional films like Emmanuelle on Elm Street and Emmanuelle: It’s A Wonderful Sex Life, and there’s a big show called Cirque Du Emmanuelle. There’s also a string of sexually explicit commercials on TV for various Emmanuelle-endorsed products like lipstick and perfume.

Eventually she’s returned to her regular universe. And Col. Saunders reveals that they’d like to use Emmanuelle’s blimp as their new base of operations. From their lab they can only travel to the same stationary location, Las Vegas, in parallel universes, but with her blimp they can travel all over the world and visit other places in parallel universes. Emmanuelle agrees and the Col. and his team move into the blimp with Emmanuelle’s staff, and they take off.

Okay, plot-wise, this ain’t “Inception,” if ya catch my drift. But it’s not much sillier or unrealistic than some of the other films, I suppose. And the long-running sequence where Emmanuelle is in Vegas being overwhelmed by all the advertisements about her were kind of funny. And they did manage to get in some good sex scenes. Allie has a scene with Eder Saul, who plays Jorge, the man who bought her the blimp. The have sex on the blimp on the glass floor with the sky showing beneath them. She has three sex scenes with Sarcinelli, as Emmanuelle and William are casual sex partners in this reality, but in the parallel universe they are married. She also has a hot lesbian threeway with Faye Reagan and Karlie Montana, who play a couple of Emmanuelle groupies in the parallel universe. Allie also has several other scenes in the film where she gets naked and dances around, including a couple of scenes with Frances Reagan James (credited as Russia Hardy) who plays a consultant to the military and also gets naked several times in the film herself. Nataliya Joy Prieto and Harper Issacs also have separate sex scenes with men in the film, as do Monica Mayhem and Marta Zolynska, who pay actresses in TV commercials.

Allie Haze is no Krista Allen, but I’d put her above Holly Sampson as Emmanuelle. And she does a good job carrying this film, with a perfect mix of sex appeal an innocence. I found it enjoyable, and give it a Chacebook rating of FOUR STARS

Unfortunately, the film does not appear to be currently available on DVD, so check cable listings for air times.

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