Emmanuelle’s Intimate Encounters


Produced by Alain Siritzky, the man behind the Emmanuelle In Space series and written and directed by Rolfe Kanefsky (aka Rafael Glen) this 2000 film stars Holly Sampson in the title role as Emmanuelle.

I think that this may have originally been meant to be another weekly TV series, because this is an hour and a half film but each half hour is different premise with a new cast, set in a new location, so I think that they must have just spliced three episodes together to call it a “movie”. Whatever.

The premise is that Emmanuelle is on vacation (not that she appears to have any sort of job) on a beach somewhere in Latin America, where she meets a married couple, Maggie and Phillip Henson (Shauna O’Brien and Lyle Skosey). Maggie is some kind of scientist, who has been in a wheelchair ever since she was in a car accident some time earlier. She’s developed some kind of device which allows her to transfer her mind into the body of another person and feel what they feel, and even control them. It’s made possible through a special headband with a heart-symbol on it that she wears on her head, and then if the other person wears a necklace with an identical heart symbol, that’s how she makes the switch. They spot Emmanuelle on the beach and Phillip arranges to meet her and ask her out, so that Maggie can test her device on Emmanuelle. Emmanuelle is very aggressive when she meets Phillip that night at a club, and takes him to a local Laundromat to have sex (it’s empty). Phillip gives her the necklace and Maggie initiates the transfer and she and Phillip are able to have sex (which I guess they’re unable to do in Maggie’s own body because she’s handicapped).

Emmanuelle is, of course, quite shocked when she finds herself in Maggie’s body at their home. And doesn’t know what’s going on, but she figures out how to work the special computers surprisingly quickly. And when a couple of cat-burglars (Jason Schnuit aka Jay Stewart and Brandy Miller) break into the house to rob it, Emmanuelle (in Maggie’s body) hides and when the man finds another of the necklaces and gives it to the woman to put on, Emmanuelle takes over her body and compels them to have sex, with Emmanuelle being able to feel everything that the woman is feeling. That scene could have been hot, but it was shot mostly in the dark so we couldn’t see that much, and it seemed to be played for laughs, with them both being very loud.

When Maggie and Phillip return, Maggie and Emmanuelle switch bodies back to normal, and Emmanuelle offers to help them test their device by taking it back to America with her and trying it out on others and then sending the info back to them for “research”, and they agree. So that is the set-up for this series.

Emmanuelle’s next adventure takes her to Las Vegas where she hooks up with a local piano player named Joshua (John McCafferty aka John St. James). She puts on the headband and gives him a necklace so that during sex she can feel what he’s feeling and subconsciously direct him on exactly how to make love to her. It’s a pretty good scene, with several shots from Joshua’s POV. Then it gets confusing. Afterwards Emmanuelle falls asleep and her headband comes off, but Joshua still has his necklace on and leaves to go back to his job. Emmanuelle is still somehow mentally trapped inside Joshua’s brain, even though he doesn’t realize it. And then there’s some bit about how she can mentally control the people around him. No, it doesn’t really make much sense. We see Joshua back at the lounge in his hotel playing piano. His boss, Mr. Bernstein (Robert Donavan) yells at him for being late, so Emmanuelle makes him take all of his clothes off in front of everyone, which embarrasses him. Then she makes another couple in the lounge (Tiffany Shepis and Timothy Stempien) have sex at their table, while another female customer (Cecilia Bergqvist) sits on the piano and has an orgasm while Joshua plays it. Afterward, Julie the bartender (played by Griffen Drew) is also turned on. She and Joshua go back to the backroom and play “strip-pool”. Once they’re both naked, they have sex on the pool table. This is cut with a scene of Emmanuelle being awoken back in her room by one of the hotel employees (Carlos Milano) and they have sex on her bed. So the film goes back and forth between the two scenes, which I found distracting, so neither scene was as hot as it could have been.

The final story had Emmanuelle in L.A. for Halloween to attend a costume party that some of her friends where throwing. At this point I was so bored that I didn’t care about the story or what was happening, I just fast-forwarded to the sex scenes to see how they were. Emmanuelle ends up having a sex scene with a character played by Brad Bartram. And there was another sex scene between characters played by hardcore adult film star Nancy Vee (aka Nancy Vaughn) and Tre Temptor. Neither scene was particularly memorable.

So that’s it for this film. Overall I think it was pretty much a waste. The premise had potential, but they needed to be more clear about exactly how the mind-transference worked and what it did. Holly Sampson is attractive, but she’s no Krista Allen. Shauna O’Brien probably would have been a better Emmanuelle, but she didn’t even get a real sex scene her, just a brief masturbation scene where she takes off her shirt and exposes her breasts. I really can’t recommend this film, and don’t give it any stars.

If you must, I got a copy of the unrated dvd on iOFFER.

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