BLACK DON’T NEVER BACK DOWN! Black Dynamite is a man on a mission once again and this time he’s going to Tibet to even the score. When the local Shaolin monks and volunteer aid workers come under attack, Black Dynamite goes on the offensive and discovers a Red Chinese / ex-Nazi conspiracy to breed and train the ultimate Kung-Fu Man-beasts.

The creative team of writer Brian Ash and artist Marcelo Ferreira have returned for this latest issue. Still set in the 70’s Black Dynamite is hired by officials in Hong Kong to go protect a secluded Monastery in Tibet. It seems that this Monastery is sitting on top of a mountain that is rich in silicone, which The Illuminati wants to use to make computers to go along with their evil plan to put computers “in the pocket of every man woman and child.” Black Dynamite simply can’t allow that to happen (uh, yeah, we see how well that worked out…). Reports of strange attacks on the Monastery have been coming in before all contact was cut off, which is where Black Dynamite comes in. For a large fee (which he uses to anonymously invest in the fledgling Roscoe’s Chicken N Waffles franchise) he secretly parachutes into Tibet.

Once there he faces wild human/insect/animal monsters like he never imagined. The local monks are all pacifists, but can Black Dynamite convince them that it’s okay to kick some ass when it’s in self-defense, or is going to be forced to take on an army of abominations all by himself? Well, NO SPOILERS, you’ll have to read for yourself.

Like the previous issue, I enjoyed this one without ever seeing the cartoon/movie that it’s based on. Ash continues to impress me with his ability to write the craziest most absurd situations and somehow make them seem completely normal. He effortlessly mixes action, drama, and comedy in this book. And Ferreira’s artwork has a perfect mix of retro and modern to fit this concept. They’re a great team doing great work. Chacebook rating: 5 STARS


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