Now revealed as the son of Zeus, Andre Payne is beginning to feel his true power awakening. However, now he’s not only on the run from the cops, but also the most powerful gang in LA. Andre might be a demi-god, but it’s not going to help him much when an entire city wants to see him taken to justice… dead or alive.

A lot happens this issue. After the visit from the man claiming to be his father, the Greek God Zeus, last issue, Andre is confused and goes back to the diner he was in the first issue to see his friend Katrina, the waitress. But then he starts noticing his superhuman strength when he accidentally destroys a table. Then a group of Taylor the gangster’s men show up and try to take him out, but with his newfound strength and invulnerability he dispatches of all of them, sending the survivors running back to Taylor.

Things aren’t exactly smooth for Taylor, either. His men are questioning all the authority his girlfriend Venus has over him. As we learned last issue, she’s actually an evil Goddess who has given him power, which is how he’s grown his criminal empire. But now he tries to reject her to save face. And, well, let’s just say that it doesn’t turn out too well for him (hint: never point a gun at an immortal Goddess). She further asserts her control over him and then has Taylor give some of his men some supernatural powers. And now with their powers they return to go after Andre for round two…TO BE CONTINUED

Regular writer Pat Shand is joined by Chuck Brown on this issue (based on a story developed with Joe Brusha and Ralph Tedesco) and they turn in a dramatic and action-packed story. We can feel Andre’s confusion about what’s going on with his life, and Taylor’s frustration at not being as in control as he pretends to be. The art, by A.C. Osorio looks a little rushed in some places, but it’s still good work. Chacebook rating: 3 AND A HALF STARS


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