In the face of personal tragedy, Andre Payne is unable to look himself in the mirror. Ashamed of his role in the death of a family member, Andre prepares to flee, until he is confronted by a man who claims to be his father, Zeus, the king of the gods. When true power is bestowed upon the misguided teen, will Andre become a power for good or a force of evil?

I just found out about and bought the first issue to this series a couple of weeks ago. And today the 2nd issue was released. The same creative team returns (writer Pat Shand – with some help from Joe Brusha & Ralph Redesco – and artist A.C. Osorio), to continue the story. We open at Calvin’s funeral (which appears to be sparsely attended, not what you’d expect from a funeral of a police office who was killed in the line of duty). He and Andre’s mother is devastated, & Andre keeps having flashbacks to his involvement in the drug deal which turned into a gunfight. Drug lord Terrell Taylor is having some of his men stake out the funeral and keep tabs of Andre, although even Taylor’s main henchman can’t understand why. We see Taylor in bed with some woman, who appears to be more than human, and they have a relationship that is not just sexual, as she also grants him some kind of special powers, the exact extant of which remain unknown. But apparently this is what’s given the Taylor the ability to grow his criminal empire, and so he must follow her lead or else she threatens to take the power back.

Taylor’s men confront Andre at the funeral, and show him a video they have of him at the shoot-out, which could send him to prison. They blackmail him into working for Taylor now, and tell him that Taylor will be in touch soon. Andre goes back to the diner from last issue, and talks a bit with the waitress, and then when he leaves he is greeted by a man who appears in a bolt of lighting. At first Andre think the man is Taylor, but the man (whom we know to be Zeus, from the solicitations, but doesn’t name himself in this issue) tells Andre that he is his father and that he’s been watching him for a long time, but now so is “someone else. And the next thing you know, Andre is crackling with blue energy, and totally confused. Also confused is Taylor’s henchman, who was secretly watching the whole thing, and immediately calls Taylor who (at the command of his mysterious lady friend) now changes plans and just wants Andre killed. Immediately. TO BE CONTINUED…

Okay, not bad but, two issues into this, I’m now noticing some “decompression,” which isn’t ideal since this is just a 5-issue miniseries. Basically I think these first two issues could have been condensed into one. I’m still intrigued by where this story is going, but I hope that the next issue picks up the pace. Chacebook rating: THREE AND A HALF STARS

Available on Comixology

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