Now armed with the power of the gods, Andre Payne sets out on a mission of redemption. But will his quest to do good in a city that wants him dead help redeem him, or get him in a deeper mess? Gangsters and gods collide in this climatic issue of Hercules!

Andre survived the rematch with Taylor’s super-powered goons last issue, but now he’s got an even worse problem: the police believe that he actually shot and killed his brother, policeman Calvin Payne. Now the entire L.A.P.D. is searching the city for him. Andre’s actually been trying to play superhero, wearing that special mask Zeus gave him and is patrolling the city stopping crimes. But when he finds out about the manhunt out for him he prepares to leave town for good. He gets corned by the police at his brother’s grave and uses his powers to escape. But then Taylor’s men kidnap Katrina and demand that Andre show up at Taylor’s Penthouse, unarmed and without the special mask. So next up is the big showdown. TO BE CONCLUDED…

Storywise, this series picked up a bit with this issue. Writers Pat Shand and Chuck Brown are raising the stakes, both for Andre and for Taylor, and you can feel it when reading it. Now I’m really finding myself anxious to see how this series concludes. And artist A.C. Osario continues to do a decent job illustrating the action. Chacebook rating: 4 STARS

available on comixology

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