Emmanuelle In Space: The Meaning of Love

This is the 7th and final disc in this DVD box-set, produced by Alain Siritzki. Directed by Brody Hooper and written by T.C. McKelvey (aka Thomas McKelvey Cleaver).

This is it, Haffron and his crew are preparing to leave Earth’s orbit, their mission complete, and return to their home world. It’s complicated by the fact that Haffron (Paul Michael Robinson) and Emmanuelle have fallen in love with each other, but Emmanuelle can’t come with them to their world. Before she leaves, they decide to recap the lessons that Emmanuelle has taught the crew in their time here. So this disc is mostly a bunch of flashbacks, replaying various sex scenes from previous episodes, as Emmanuelle and the crew talk about what they’ve learned about humanity and sex and love.

It would be a little better if they showed complete scenes, which they only do for some of them. Most of the time they’ll just show part of the scene, or a montage of several scenes at once. So, truthfully, it’s pretty useless. If you have the first 6 discs, you can just rewatch those. There are no new sex scenes filmed for this episode, and not that much new story being told here. I also noticed that it seems Haffron has regressed a bit in this episode. He’s learned so much about our world over the course of the series, but some of the dialog has him sounding like his naïve self from the early episodes. Someone makes a reference to someone else being heartless, and Haffron says “But humans cannot live with a heart”, as if he took the phrase literally. But by now he should have known better.

Also it feels like the Haffron/Emmanuelle romance was de-emphasized a bit, especially after the last couple of discs where, as I said, they’d expressed their growing love for each other. There should have tears and a heart-felt goodbye between them. Instead, she just says she’s ready to leave, and Haffron teleports her back to Earth. They don’t even kiss goodbye! That was weird.

The last scene has Emmanuelle at what looks like Santa Monica pier, it doesn’t say how much time has passed. She’s walking along on a bright sunny day and she sees a man fishing who happens to look exactly like Haffron (played by Paul Michael Robinson) and she asks if she can buy him some coffee and he agrees and the last shot is of them walking along the beach holding hands, then they kiss. THE END

So this is the only disc I wouldn’t give 5 Stars. I don’t even think it needs to be rated. Overall, the box-set is 5 STARS, that’s for discs 1-6. This was such a great series, Krista Allen may not want to acknowledge it these days (as I pointed out before, this series is excluded from the BIO on her website), but I know she gained a lot of lifelong fans, like me, from that show. It was well produced, written, and directed. And I highly recommend it. Get it on Amazon while you can (don’t worry, it’s listed as Rated R, but it’s actually unrated):

Emmanuelle in Space – The Complete Collection

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