Written by Dolphe Gingerthorpe and directed by Rene Effie this 1998 film is about a high-tech resort called Pleasure World. In an obvious parody of the classic sci-fi film Westworld, guests come here to role-play and act out various fantasies with extremely life-like human clones. Except, as I’m sure the title suggests, the difference here is that all of the fantasies involve sexual activity.

So throughout the film we get several scenes of sexual fantasies. First up is a scene in which a man (Glen Ratcliffe) plays a police officer who rescues a woman (Jenna Bodnar) who is being held hostage at gunpoint. After he saves her life, the two of them have sex. Afterward, we learn that this was the first test-run of Pleasure World. The man was Dick Thorn, a famous TV reporter, and after his rave endorsement of Pleasure World, the site opens to the public.

The first paying customers who sign up are friends Sara (Lesley Lindsay aka Leslie Zemeckis) and Mary (Alexandra Harlan), and Steve (Charles Thomas) and Tim (Chris Villa). Steve and Tim sign up for a fantasy where they play a couple of 1920’s-era gangsters. Tim spends the night with a beautiful woman (Jamaica Charley) who is supposed to be a virgin. The scene starts off slow and romantic but the “virgin” quickly gets into it and soon she’s riding him and it’s all hot and passionate. Steve also spends the night with his ideal woman (played by an actress credited as Junu Airtsenberg, who looks familiar to me, but I’m not sure what else I’ve seen her in), who is mute, and therefore can’t bug him about emotions or relationships, go figure. They have an implied night together, but we don’t actually see them having sex. Sara’s fantasy involves a big muscular stud named Thor (Bradley David) who waits on her hand and foot. She has him strip for her and they have wild passionate sex, and later we see him painting her toenails. And Mary has sex with a man (I didn’t catch the character or actor’s name) in a room with red lights. It was hard to watch, because of the lighting, so I didn’t enjoy that scene.

And then a new customer arrives at Pleasure World: The President of the United States (Robert M. Shaw). It seems that POTUS is a widower, and he’s come to spend the night with a clone of his deceased wife, Rose (Cheryl Dent). The President and Rose have sex in a log cabin, in a romantic scene. But that’s when we learn that there’s something sinister going on at this resort (because of course there is).

After her little sexcapade, Mary stars acting weird, like she’s in a trance. Sara tries to find out what’s wrong with her. Meanwhile Tim thinks Steve is acting too aggressively, and tries to find help. We see Steve had a hot threesome with the two women played by Jamaica and Juni, but then afterward they each pull out guns and shoot him dead. And then a man named Don Ross (Jeff Davis), who is the owner of Pleasure World, walks in on the President and “Rose.” He shoots the President dead and then has sex with Rose himself. We learn that his plan is to create a clone of the President, which will be under his complete control. Sara and Tim uncover the plan and now must try to make it out of the resort alive before Don and his army of clones can catch them. The only spoiler I’ll give is that there are two more hot sex scenes before this film comes to his thrilling conclusion.

The plot may be a tad far-fetched, but it’s saved by the cast. Davis plays Don as a bit of an over-the-top “bad guy”, but the rest of the cast play it straight. Zemeckis in particular stands out as a great actress in this film. For the most part it’s played straight, no winks to the audience, which helps us take it seriously. And then of course there are the sex scenes, which are mostly well-done. This film gets a Chacebook rating of FOUR STARS


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