A long-overdue review (sorry, I really do wish I could update this blog more often) of this erotic fairy tale from Retromedia. Directed by Dean McKendrick, and written by “Suzanne Cabot” (whom McKendrick confirmed in the comments to Kiss And Kill is a pseudonym of several writers collaborating), this film stars Karlie Montana in the title role as “Cindy.”


Warning: I will be giving away spoilers about the plot, because I don’t really think that matters here.


So, first off, this movie takes place in the modern era, not in the past. Cindy is a struggling college student who works as an unpaid intern for a large company called Universal Transports. But she’s broke. Her parents are dead, and her college is paid by a scholarship, which only covers her tuition. And when she tells her boss, Patrick (William F. Bryant) about that she’s about to be kicked out of her apartment, he offers to let her stay in his guest-room, which she accepts, much to the chagrin of Patrick’s wife Mona (Beverly Lynn) and two daughters Grace and Sylvia (Blair Williams and Penny Pax).

The three ladies are all snooty, spoiled, and materialistic. And they all go out of their way to be rude and condescending to Cindy when she moves in. They all also happen to be secretly banging their butler, Justin (played by newbie Regis Filman, which has to be a fake name). No, not all together at the same time (that would be too kinky, because of the incestual implications, I suppose), but we see him in turn with each woman. It’s unclear if any of them ladies know about the others, but somehow Patrick appears to be blissfully unaware of all of this going on right under his own roof.

That’s likely because Patrick is too concerned with a major business deal he’s working on with Prince Steven (Kyle Knies) of the small European nation of Kritonia (I think that’s what’s it called, no clue if that’s the correct spelling). The Prince is single, and we’re told that his father, the King (whom we never see) is anxious for his son to get married so he’ll be ready to inherit the throne. But the Prince has no interest in Kritonian woman for some reason, and so his father thinks Steven should try to find a wife when the Prince visits America to work on the deal with Patrick.

I’ll note that the sexy Sarah Hunter plays the Prince’s Personal Assistant, Samantha, and if she’s an example of the average Kritonian woman, then I can’t imagine what the Prince’s problem is…

The Prince arrives in America and meets with Patrick and Cindy. Then Patrick flies back to Kritonia with him, to complete the deal. While in Kritonia, Patrick meets and hooks up with Samantha. But then on his way back to America, Patrick’s airplane crashes in the ocean, and he’s presumed dead. Mona and her daughters don’t seem to be too concerned, until they find out from Patrick’s lawyer (played by Ryan Driller, in a non-sex role), that Patrick was heavily in debt, so they won’t be inheriting much money from him. They’re forced to fire Justin, as they can’t afford him anymore, and they offer to Cindy continue to live with them (after first telling her to leave) in exchange for her becoming their maid, which Cindy reluctantly accepts.

But Prince Steven throws a party back in America for the employees of Universal Transport, ostensibly to celebrate the conclusion of the business deal, but mainly because he wants to see Cindy again. However, when Mona gets the invitations, she lies and tells Cindy that she’s not invited, and just plans to take her daughters as she hopes that one of them can charm the Prince and marry him, so they won’t be broke.  This is where Christine Nguyen enters the picture, as Cindy’s Fairy Godmother.  With her magic wand, she gives Cindy and invitation to the party, as well as a fancy new dress, and a blond wig and mask to disguise herself. Along with the prerequisite about the disguise wearing off at midnight.

So the party comes, and despite the disguise, Cindy (calling herself Cinderella) attracts the Prince’s attention all night. But she runs off at midnight, leaving one shoe behind.  Patrick tracks the shoe to Mona’s house where, BIG SHOCK, it fits only Cindy. And he asks her to marry him and we’re told by the narrator (Nguyen) that they lived Happily Ever After.

Okay, well, story-wise, this felt like a bit of a step backward for Retromedia, as their more recent slate of Erotic Thrillers have been greatly improved. First, the modern day setting immediately makes the fairy tale less believable, first with the lengths that it needs to go through to include a Prince in the story. And the whole “whomever fits this shoe is the woman I’m looking for” plot-point is ridiculous, as we know that literally billions of women must share the same shoe-size as Cindy. And the very inclusion of a “Fairy Godmother” just feels out of place in this film. And the party wasn’t a masked ball, or even costume party, so I don’t know if I’m making any sense, or just nitpicking, but this story just didn’t work the way I’d hoped.

Nevertheless, the fact that it includes Beverly Lynne and Christine Nguyen, two of my all-time favorite Softcore actresses, is a huge plus. They each have one sex scene. Christine has a lesbian scene with Karlie Montana, which is the highlight of the film, in my opinion. Those two worked together before, including a sex scene, in College Coeds Vs. Zombie Housewives, and they have good chemistry with each other. Beverly has a sex scene with Regis, which is my 2nd favorite scene. Much like her role in Bedroom Eyes, Beverly really excels in the “seductive cougar” role, so I’m particularly glad that Retromedia is writing these types of parts for her.

As stated earlier, both Blair Williams and Penny Pax each have a sex scene with Regis, and Sarah Hunter has a sex scene with William F. Patrick (my 3rd favorite). Karlie has another sex scene, this one with Kyle Knies, and that makes 6. All the sex scenes are pretty hot, no complaints there. We also get a solo shower scene with Karlie. I’ve mentioned before that I’m not the biggest fan of solo shower scenes, and Mr. McKendrick has confirmed that most of the time those are included in a film when they have to cut a sex scene for some reason. So as it came on I was thinking of what other sex scene they could have included instead of this, and I thought it was odd that we didn’t get one between Beverly and Ryan. When her character goes to his office, I assumed that’s where it was heading. I figure it could have been revealed that they had been having an affair too, and that she went to his office for sex, and then after the sex was over he would mention the lack of money in Patrick’s will.

Well, here’s an interesting thing. This DVD also include a deleted scene as a special feature. I clicked on it, and there was a message on the screen that said: For reasons beyond the control of the company, actress Blake Eden was replaced after filming only one scene…and here it is.

And then we get a 10 minute scene of Blake, playing Grace. She goes to Ryan’s character’s office, assuming that he must holding out on the will, that maybe her father had some hidden assets. And she seduces Ryan, but is disappointed when afterward he still insists that there’s no money.

That was interesting. And have to say that the inclusion of the extra scene to bump this film up to at 4 STAR rating. It’s not one of Retromedia’s best, but it’s a good film. But this is one who shouldn’t wait for cable to watch, I recommend that you get the DVD for this one, to get that extra scene.


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  1. Sorry this didn’t appeal to you as much as the others. I think expecting it to be as realistic as our thrillers isn’t really the way to approach this. It’s a fairy tale, so of course there’s things that are a bit fantastical. It’s much more like our silly comedies that we used to do. I get that the modern day telling made it seem out of place, but there’s no way we can afford to do a full on period piece. Blair Williams was the actress who came in to replace Blake Eden. Because we had already wrapped both the location and Ryan Driller, I had to scramble for a solution. So I wrote the scene between Blair and the butler. Originally it was just Beverly and Penny who were having sex with the butler. Now all the ladies in the household get a taste!


  2. Another excellent review. I pretty much agree with your points about the film. The ladies scene together was the highlight. The women were all astoundingly good looking. I think it would have been interesting for one of the ladies of the house to have seduced Montana’s character in a scene, though. The family aspect limited the possibilities but still a decent flick with all the flaws you mention.

    Keep up your informative reviews.



    • “I think it would have been interesting for one of the ladies of the house to have seduced Montana’s character in a scene, though.”

      Good idea! I hadn’t thought of that, but it definitely could have worked, within the context of the story. Her and Beverly Lynne together! After Mona discovered that she had no money and to fire Justin, she could have gone to Cindy to act like she was genuinely apologizing for threatening to kick her out, and try to convince her to stay by sleeping with her. And then after the sex, Mona could reveal that she expected Cindy to be their maid now, in exchange for room and board.


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