Here we have the latest softcore cinematic offering from Retromedia. Written by “Suzanne Cabot” and directed by Dean McKendrick, this follows Cinderella’s Hot Night, in attempting to present an updated version of a classic fairy-tale (thankfully done much better this time). The sexy Sarah Hunter stars as “Beauty” (yes, that’s her name), a Princess who is about to be married to handsome Prince (named William, whom we never see). In the beginning of the film, Beauty’s best friend Margaret, played by Jane Doux (the former Pristine Edge), comes to congratulate the Princess on her marriage. But it’s clear that Margaret is jealous, as she wanted to marry the Prince herself. She tells Beauty that a war has broken out, and the Prince has been called to the front lines, therefor the marriage will have to be postponed until the war is over. She then gives Beauty a rose, but Beauty pricks her finger on a thorn on the stem of the rose, and immediately falls into a deep sleep. Margaret then locks Beauty’s sleeping body in a hidden room in Beauty’s castle, where she will sleep forever.

This was, of course, all in the distant past. The film then jumps ahead to the modern era, where two architects, Harry (William F. Bryant) and Richard (Andy Espinoza Long) are working on restoring the now-old and broken down castle. Harry is in charge of the project, which is worth millions from their boss, Mr. Logan (softcore non-sex veteran, Ted Newsom), who bought the castle and is overseeing it’s restoration. Despite being friends, and the fact that Harry brought Richard onto the project with him, Richard is jealous that Harry is the one in charge and thinks that he, Richard, has better ideas about to restore the castle. But while onsite, they discover the hidden room, and break through the door where they discover Beauty, still soundly sleeping and having not aged a day. Richard freaks out and leaves, while Harry stays and ends up feeling compelled to kiss her, which awakens Beauty.

Beauty tells Harry her story, which he surprisingly has no trouble taking at face value. He figures that he can use Beauty’s first-hand knowledge of living in the castle when it was in its prime to help him restore it. So he takes Beauty back with him to his house, where he lives with Peggy, who, to Beauty’s surprise, looks exactly like Margaret (because she’s also played by Jane Doux). Peggy initially isn’t too happy that Harry has brought this woman home with him. It’s not clear if Harry and Peggy are supposed to be married, or just living together. Either way, Harry has a pretty lax attitude towards fidelity, as he’d already allowed himself to be seduced by Beauty, but then so does Peggy later on.

Harry invites Mr. Logan and Richard to his and Peggy’s house for drinks, so he can introduce Mr. Long to Beauty. Harry brings his girlfriend Chelsea (Aria Alexander) along with him, with the plan for her to try to snoop through the house and find Harry’s blueprints so that Richard can steall them and claim them as his own to then present to Mr. Long the next day at work. Harry happens to walk in on Chelsea while she’s upstairs in his room, but before he can ask too many questions, she distracts him by seducing (again showing Harry’s lax attitude towards fidelity with Peggy). And the afterward, she is able to find and steal Harry’s blueprints.

So it all comes to a head the next day at work. What will Harry do when he finds out that Richard is claiming his blueprints as his own? Will he be able to convince Mr. Logan the truth without proof? WATCH THE FILM TO FIND OUT!

This is one of McKendrick’s better efforts. A greater emphasis seemed to be placed on story, than usual. Setting up the premise of the film and introducing the characters before we get to the sexy stuff  (it was almost 10 minutes into the film before the first sex scene). It also helped that the cast in this film all happen to be very good actors, who pretty much played it straight, despite the underlying silliness of the plot. Most of the cast have been in previous Retromedia films, so their experience shows. Adult film star Aria is the newbie here, but she does well in her role, although her character is least-developed in this film, she’s meant to be kind of an airhead, so she has the least amount of dialog. But she does very well in her sex scenes.

Speaking of which…

We get the usual seven slots in this film. 6 of which are full sex scenes. Sarah Hunter has a scene with William F. Bryant, one with Jane Doux, and one with Jane Doux and Aria Alexander together. Jane also has a scene with William, and Aria has a scene with Andy and a scene with William. The 7th scene is a Aria in a solo shower scene. I’ve admitted before that the shower scenes are not my favorite, but Dean McKendrick has said that they usually shoot those when they can’t add another sex scene, either because of lack of extra characters or it just won’t fit the story. And in this case, I can’t think of a logical pairing that would fit the story, without seeming forced just for the sake of it, so it probably best to do it this. Plus, there is the fact all 6 of the sex scenes happen to be SCORCHING HOT!

Seriously, these are some of the best softcore sex scenes I’ve seen in years. If I had to pick a favorite it would be a close twice between the William/Sara scene and the William/Jane scene, but I really love them all. I’d single out those two because we actually get some good missionary position sex in them, which is surprisingly rare in softcore. I think missionary gets a bad rap, it’s seen as “boring” or something, but it’s a great position for intimacy, as the couple can face each other and kiss while having sex, and that’s shown in these scenes.

So with beautiful women, good actors, hot sex scenes, and pretty good story, I give SLEEPING BEAUTIES a full 5 STARS and recommend you check it out



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  1. Glad you liked this one better. Really anxious to hear your thoughts on High Heel Homicide, which was my favorite if the last batch we did.


    • I wrote a review for that one right after I wrote this one, this weekend, and it is scheduled to be posted tomorrow morning. All I’ll say right now is, to be honest, it was not MY favorite of this last batch.


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