Pristine Edge is back!

This hardcore actress made her softcore debut early last year in Retromedia’s film VIXENS FROM VENUS, and as I said back then I was particularly impressed by her. She’s not even what I’d call my typical type but, darn it, she is just so adorable. Apparently, since that film she got pregnant and gave birth to a son, so understandably she wasn’t doing any films, softcore or otherwise, during that time. But now she is back, with a new name JANE DOUXXX (or Jane Doux, as it’s listed in the credits here). Personally, I preferred the name Pristine Edge, but she can call herself whatever she wants, as long as she’s back in action!

This film also stars Carter Cruise, in her 5th Retromedia film, and she has been getting better with each role, so that a good choice. AND it features an appearance by the legendary Queen of Late Night TV, BEVERLY LYNNE! So with the stellar line-up of leading ladies, it’s almost impossible for this film to lose. Or is it?

Written by Anthony L. Greene, as A.G. Lawrence, and directed by Dean McKendrick, this is another erotic thriller, and this time I’m going to do my best to avoid spoilers.

Jane stars as Willa Michaels, a woman who makes her living as a webcam model, using the screen-name “Bedroom Eyes.” She performs live online shows that her subscribers pay to watch. She also does private one on one shows for individual customers. She lives in a very nice and large home, which would suggest that she’s making quite a bit money off her webcam, especially since this appears to be her only job, but we learn that she is struggling to pay medical bills to take care of her mother, who needs around the clock care in a hospital, for an initially undisclosed illness. So to make even more money, Jane also occasionally arranges to meet customers in person for sex.

Pristine is not the only actor with name-change in this film. Justin Berti, who appeared in previous Retromedia fils Model For Murder and The Love Machine, returns in this film, credited as Angelo Bertoli. He’s Willa’s boyfriend Jake, who knows about her webcam job and only grudgingly approves of it, although he is unaware of her side-job as a prostitute. Jake is a homicide detective, and Carter plays his partner, Parker, who we come to learn doesn’t approve of Jake’s relationship with Willa, and wants him for herself.

Willa and Jake’s personal and professional lives become intertwined when Jake and Parker investigate a string of murders, as various men are found stabbed to death. And it turns out that the men all happen to be frequent customers of Willa’s camshow. Eventually, once the connection is made, Parker is forced to bring Willa in for questioning and then gets a warrant to search her house, where she finds damning evidence implicating Willa.


I’m not saying any more, as Mr. Greene comes up with a pretty cool twist to this story, that even I didn’t see coming. With this year’s output of films, Retromedia seems to have made a concerted effort to improve their scripts, with more coherent stories which could actually stand on their own even without the graphic sex scenes. We’re getting more three-dimensional characters who act like real people, and even longer run-times (their films are now clocking in at around an hour and twenty minutes, as opposed to the previous hour and 10-15 minutes averages). It also looks like they’re getting some bigger budgets, as their films are being shot on more varied locations.

The cast includes Ryan Driller, he plays one of Willa’s customer’s, and the killer’s victims. Beverly Lynne plays his boss. She confronts him in his office, pointing out that she found out that he’s been using his company credit card to make payments to Willa’s webcam. In order for him to avoid getting fired for this, she demand that he service her right then and there, and they get busy in the office. Driller has always been a great actor, and Beverly Lynne is perfect here, this is exactly the kind of role she should be playing now. Brent Harvey and William F. Bryant also play customers of Willa’s who get murdered. And August Ames and Abraham Martinez play a couple of uniform cops who work with Jake and Parker. This is a great cast all around, everyone does a great job, there is not a weak link in the bunch.

Now let’s talk about the sex scenes!

In addition to the aforementioned Ryan Driller/Beverly Lynne scene, Angelo and Carter have a scene together, and August and Abraham have a scene together. All are pretty hot, especially the Driller/Lynne scene.

Jane Douxxx has 4 scenes. Two are sex scenes, one with Brent and one with William. The Brent scene is probably my favorite. Then she has two solo scenes, one where she is on her bed stripping out of lingerie and then masturbating for her webcam, and then one shower scene. Although of course I’m happy to take as much Jane as I can get, I do wish that Retromedia would cut back on these types of solo scenes, in favor of more sex scenes. The first Jane solo makes sense for the story, as it shows what she does for her webcam. But instead of the shower scene, they could have added  a sex scene of her with Angelo, as their characters are supposed to be in a relationship. We see them wake up in bed together once, but no sex. Jane is also sort of involved in the August/Abraham scene, as their characters are watching Jane’s webcam show while they have sex. So during that we get a few cuts to the computer screen showing Jane playing with herself.

So I’m going to give a split-rating on this film. Story and Acting each get 5 STARS. The sex scenes get 4 STARS. Altogether I highly recommend this one.

As of this writing it is not available on DVD, nor has a release date for one (hence, why I used the above screen-cap of Jane for this post, since there is no box cover or poster), I will update this with links when and if that happens.

For now, you’ll be able to watch this film via Cinemax on Amazon.

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  1. I’m glad you enjoyed this one. It was the one I was most worried about because the script had some issues. The final “twist” was something that we rewrote the day before we shot it, because both Carter and I agreed that the original twist made no sense whatsoever. And the opening scene with Brent Harvey was impacted by this and I would have shot it differently had I known the new ending, but such is life. (I can’t say much more without spoiling the ending, so I’ll leave it there). I WILL say that with the original ending there WAS a Berti/Doux love scene that had to be cut because of the rewrite. I then added the shower scene with Jane Doux to replace it. However, whenever we do shower or solo scenes, it’s generally because it’s too tricky (or silly) to work in another love scene beteeen characters (although you rightly questioned the lack of a Berti/Doux scene. Good catch!).

    By the way, I’m pretty sure it’s Jane Doux and the Douxxx is just her twitter handle.

    I had to laugh out loud with your supposition that we have more money! We actually have less money now than ever before. If you’re seeing more variety of locations, it’s due to a combination of being smarter about how we use our locations (often one location can appear to be several) and the fact that we had six films this time, meaning more shooting days so more potential locations.

    Also, 81 minutes has been our running time for several years now. Before that it was 75, but that was quite a long time ago (I think maybe Tarzeena was our last 75 minute film).


    • Well, first of all Mr. McKendrick, thanks for reading this little blog of mine, and I always love to hear your thoughts on my reviews and the extra info you provide. As for my guess about budgets, well, just consider that a compliment to your filmmaking skills. You and the Retromedia crew have clearly learned how to stretch a dollar, as these films are looking more expensive lately, regardless of the actual price. So keep up the good work!

      But of course I am aware that overall this is a small operation, I know they’re done on small budgets and shot very quickly, and I definitely take that into consideration when watching and reviewing these films. You’ll notice when I review your sci-fi films you’ll never see me complaining about the set-designs, costumes, or special-effects. I know y’all aren’t getting Industrial Light and Magic to do CGI for you, so that would be silly complain about. I realize that with films like this, sometimes the audience needs to turn on their suspension of disbelief for certain things.

      And I also take budget into account when judging things like solo scenes. I figured they’re included for specific story reasons, as you said. Especially when you’re making these erotic thrillers, which are supposed to be at least a little more grounded in reality (as opposed to the more far-out sci-fi comedies) you don’t want to just have random characters having sex for no reason. So I’ll only question the inclusion of a solo scene if I think there was some logical way that a ssex scene could have been included with the established characters (since I also know you may not alway be able to afford to hire an extra actor or actress just to add another sex scene). So in this film, yeah, a scene with Willa and Jake was the only combo I could think of that would have made sense story-wise.

      And, hey, I have say, I’m particularly impressed to learn that you not only came out with that plot-twist at the end, but that it was a last-minute change!


  2. Once the film has been out for awhile and we’re no longer concerned about spoilers, I’ll go into detail about the original ending vs the new one.


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