Sex Files: Pleasureville

Much like the film PLEASURE WORLD, which I’ve reviewed before, the prefix “Sex Files” was later added to this film’s title as it looks like the makers decided to market a bunch of their softcore films (there are at least ten of them) with sci-fi premises under this one banner. The idea is that, like The X-Files, these films are being presented as top secret scenarios that the government doesn’t want you to know about. But they’re not really connected.

This one was written by Justin Paul Ritter and directed by Marcy Ronen and released in the year 2000. We’re in some little small town in America, where Bobby Johnston, Brandy Davis, Jason Schnuit, and Jenna Bodnar play the Grogan family, who have just opened up a small video rental store (remember those?) called Grogan Family Video (which is what they and several others refer to the store as, even though the big sign in the front window and inside clearly says “Grogan’s Ultimate Video”). But that catch is that the Grogans are actually aliens. And the videos they rent all contain some sort of subliminal hypnotic message that the viewers immediately become horny and compelled to have sex with whoever is near.

Thankfully their customer base appears to consist entirely of adults, no teens or children, who are not biologically related to each other. So no we don’t see any examples of family members having sex with each other.

The Grogan’s “feed off the sexual energy” of their customers somehow, and this will lead to their ultimate plan of world domination…somehow.

Christopher Johnston stars as John Clark, an executive who works for a large national video rental store chain. The chain’s CEO Mr. Lucky (Robert Donavan) sends John to the town, to investigate Grogan Family Video and find out why its stolen all of their customers from their franchise store in the town.

So there’s the basic plot, which is essentially just an excuse to cram in a bunch of random sex scenes. And there are plenty in this film. I think about 12, although two of them are just solo scenes of women masturbating (one scene is with Michelle Von Flotow, who plays Mr. Lucky’s secretary and the other is with Nancy O’Brien, a local woman who early one find out that the Grogan’s are aliens and is kidnapped and brainwashed by them). All the other scenes are B/G, and there is an impressive cast of softcore regulars in her. Daniel Anderson and Regina Russell Banali play a couple who run the local motel that John checks into when he gets to the town, and David Christensen and Linnea Quigley (yes, THE Linnea Quigley!!!) play a couple from Texas (which we can tell because they both wear cowboy hats and speak in stereotypical Texas accents) and Steve Curtis and Lisa Throw play a couple of local cops.

So, really, as lame as the story is, and nobody’s winning any Oscar’s for their acting, the sex scenes all look hot, and that in and itself makes this film worth watching. It’s not a classic, but if you’ve got some time to kill, I’d recommend it. Chacebook rating: FOUR STARS.

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  1. Delightfully cheesy, but thankfully the production does not skimp on the nudity/love scenes, from the opening love scene with Regina Russell in tight jeans and a black thong, to the final scene with Jill Tompkins wearing a short skirt and purple thong and haivng a lusty romp in the production control booth. And there are two — count ’em, two — scenes featuring the heavenly Michelle von Flotow wearing a leopard print bra and thong panties. Another scene shows an equally sexy Michelle in a black thong. I swear, that woman could make a hideous plaid 1970s leisure suit look alluring!


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