BASS REEVES season 1, episode 1

This is another new title from Allegiance Arts & Entertainment. I first learned of Bass Reeves 5 years ago when I saw an episode of the History Channel series GUNSLINGERS that was about him. And I was immediately fascinated by him, and felt like he should be remembered today like other famous Western figures, from Jesse James and Billy The Kid to Wild Bill Hickok and Wyatt Earp. And, of course, it was immediately obvious to me why he isn’t.

Then last year the HBO miniseries Watchmen featured Reeves in its first episode, which helped spark more interest in the man. And so this book, which had to have been in the planning stages before that series, is coming at just the right time to fulfill that need.

The creative team is writing Kevin Greivoux, artist David Williams, letterer Eric Weathers, and colors by Kelsey Shannon.

This story is basically the origin of U.S. Marshall Bass Reeves. Starting in 1875 Reeves is just a Bounty Hunter, and a real good one. But he’s approached by a local Judge, Judge Parker, who wants to recruit Reeves to police the Indian Territories, which are rough and lawless. At the urging of his wife Nellie, Bass initially turns down the offer. His wife fears for his safety and wants him to stay home and help raise their children, especially their impressionable young son Benjy. But after witnessing a brutal murder in the streets, Bass accepts the job offer and is sworn in, thus beginning what will become a long and impressive career.

Along the way we get a couple of scenes of Bass in action, apprehending criminals, and from the conversations, those criminals have we also see how the Bass had grown to legendary status, with all sorts of myths about him being spread. This reputation would become his greatest weapon.

This was a thrilling first issue, Kevin Greviuoux really captured the mood of the times, and managed to show just the right mix of action and drama. And I love David Williams’ artwork, he makes Bass look like the impressive figure that he was. I enjoy this book very much and can’t wait to see more!

Chacebook rating: FIVE STARS


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