Erotic – Volume 2 by Natasha Bender

Here’s another short-story collection by erotica writer Natasha Bender. This one is larger than the previous two collections of hers that I reviewed, it contains ten stories, all of them are hot as fuck. Bender explores different erotic “kinks” in this collection, including interracial, cuckolding/hotwifing, and femdom.

This is the story of “Sugar” a middle-aged voluptuous blonde woman who is married to rich mobster in NJ. One day, as her husband leaves for “work”, Sugar immediately invites in her young muscular Black pool boy for some hot sex in her husband’s bed. But then her husband unexpectedly comes home early and Sugar and love just barely escape getting caught. But seeing his wife looking sexy turns him on and so then her husband fucks Sugar too, unaware that he’s getting sloppy seconds from the pool boy, who is watching the action through an open window.

A very hot story to start off this collection.

Lucy and Burke are a couple who have been together for five years, and in this story they’re celebrating Easter together. Lucy surprises him by wearing Playboy Bunny-styled lingerie and also presenting him with two concert tickets to see his favorite band, while Burke surprising Lucy by bringing home Hans, a handsome male masseuse, to give her a massage. But during the massage, which Lucy is enjoying and getting turned on by, Burke reveals the truth, which is that Hans is actually a gigolo that Burke has hired to join the two of them in a threesome, which is a mutual fantasy that they’d discussed before but never tried. And it’s on!

Naomi and Craig are married and have a hot sex life. But recently Naomi has come out as bisexual and is feeling the need to experience sex with another woman, which she’s never done before. So Craig arranges for them to to a private “Swingers Party”, where she meets and hooks up with a beautiful woman named Adrian as Craig sits and watches, thoroughly enjoying the show.

Natasha is in her thirties and has been single for a year after leaving her emotionally abusive ex. Since then she hasn’t had much luck in the dating department, but that changes when she meets a man named Russ, who appears to be too good to be true. The first date goes well, and it’s on the second date that they have sex for the first time. Thus begins a whirlwind romance that continues over the next month, but then a misunderstanding threatens to break them apart. This story feels more like a “romance” tale than a simple erotic one.

It’s interesting that the writer named the lead character after herself. I can’t help but wonder if this is based on a true story now?

Kaitie is a 19-year-old White blonde college student who has been more interested in partying than studying, and thus she is on the verge of flunky out of school, which would enrage her parents. Her plan is to seduce her handsome older Academic Advisor, a Black man referred to here as Professor Chandler, in his private office. Despite the professor’s initial reluctance, he caves to Kaite’s charms, and the two have sex on his desk, including him doing her anally until both of them are satisfied.

Poppy and Brock have sex in this house as the world outside falls to en emerging zombie apocalypse. There’s a neat little twist ending to this one.

This sci-fi story has a woman named Erika recounted the several times she was abducted by aliens and forced to have sex with a handsome grey alien onboard a spaceship. Are these experiences real or are they dreams? Even she is unsure at first, and that’s still unclear to us, the readers, but the end. But the sexual encounters are extremely hot.

Mila and Wyatt Thompson are a happily married White couple. One day they’re introduced to Braydon, a young tall, and muscular Black man who is housesitting for their next-door neighbor for a few days. As it turns out, both Mila and Wyatt have secretly been harboring fantasies of Mila being with another man, and each thinks Braydon would be perfect for them to finally realize their fantasy. So one day Braydon is invited over for dinner, and when the couple approaches Braydon with their little indecent proposal, he’s all for it! They retire to the bedroom, where Braydon gives Mila the fucking of her life, as Wyatt watches.

This story is actually three stories in one. Taking place at a special hotel in Nevada where the wealthy are known to check into for secret erotic twists, this story details the different customers who occupy Room 472 in the hotel over several days and tells us what they did in it.

On Tuesday or rich oil tycoon from Texas checks in with three hot blonde hookers for a wild four-way. On Wednesday Jon and Gail, a couple of seemingly straight-laced white-collar professionals check-in so they can experiment with some femdom roleplay. And on Friday a young White pop star checks in with her two muscular Black male backup dancers for an all-night threesome.

Wynter Thompson (I wonder if she’s related to Wyatt and Mila?) is a young intern competing to get a job at a prestigious law firm Chicago. Her biggest competition is Jacob Franklin Hughes III a young man with a much more privileged background than her own. But despite being competitors, they’re both drawn to each other, and the night before the decision is to be made, they give in to their passion. This is another romance-like tale, and good close-out to the series.

A crop of interesting story scenarios, all with some vividly described and scorching hot sex scenes. Natasha Bender knows how to draw the reader in to the action so that you can clearly visualize it in your head as you’re reading it. This book is a great collection for any erotic fan.
Chacebook rating: FIVE STARS


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