Erotic – Volume 1 by Natasha Bender

I’m not sure why I bought Natasha Bender‘s erotic story collection EROTIC- VOLUME 2 first, but I did and I enjoyed it. So I went ahead about Volume 1 now. Like Volume 2, it contains 10 short stories, which I’ll go through now.

A light Femdom story. Donovon’s wife forces him to go to work wearing a cock cage as punishment cumming in his boxer shorts without her permission. This is especially tortuous for Donovan as the reason he became aroused in the first place is due to him lusting after his sexy assistant Paris. So at work he has to fight off his attraction to Paris as getting an erection is painful in his cage. Things come to ahead (in more ways than one), at a nighttime office party for one of Donovan’s employees. Talia arrives to join the fun, and when Donovan catches Talia and Paris half-naked and making out in one of the bathrooms, that’s when the real fun begins.

A good story to start off this collection.

A nun, Sister Mary, goes to see a Priest, Father Mark, to make a tearful confession. She’s been a very sinful girl, as she had just given in to temptation and had a lesbian fling with a fellow nun, and now she needed Father Mark to purge her of her sin, which the Father then promptly does, by fucking her senseless.

If you can get over the implausibility of the scenario, this is a hot story with some good lesbian and straight sex.

Cheating wife/light bondage story. The story begins with a woman named Clancy, driving to a motel to meet her husband’s best friend Travis. The two of them have been secretly and not-so-innocently flirting with each other unbeknownst to Clancy’s husband for months, and now for the first time they plan to finally consummate their mutual attraction. When Clancy arrives in the room, Travis immediately takes control, ordering to strip for him, then get down on all fours and crawl to him, then to masturbate for his pleasure, before finally puts handcuffs on her and fucks her with his massive cock until they both have intense orgasms. When it’s over they’re both already planning to meet again.

This felt like it could have been “chapter one” to a full novel, beginning this torrid affair and seeing where it goes.

Lesbian, older woman story. Delany is a young college student from a blue-collar background. It’s Spring Break and she’s spending it at the home of her friend Malia, who is from a much wealthier family than hers. On the first night in the home, while everyone else is asleep and Delany was grabbing a late snake, she is confronted by Malia’s sexy older mother, Sterling, who promptly reveals that she is bisexual and knows that Delany is romantically interested in Malia, who is apparently a lesbian too, although the two co-eds have yet to have any sexual contact. Under the guise of wanting her daughter to have a partner who knows how to satisfy her, Sterling offers to personally teach Delany how to pleasure a woman. Delany readily accepts the offer, and by the time the night is over Delany is well-equipped to please a woman.

Another story that’s a bit light on the plausibility-scale, but if you like lesbian sex then you’ll love this story.

I’ll just be blunt about this story. It features a woman who has a penis. To each his own, but that is not something that I’m interested in, so once that particular detail was introduced into the story (which I was enjoying up to that point), I simply stopped reading it and skipped to the next story. I will say that I wish that perhaps, if this story needed to be included in this collection (as it is the only one of such a subject), perhaps it could have been labeled, so the reading would know in advance? I’m thinking of the way porn scenes are tagged on websites, ie “IR”, “B/G/G”, “MMF”, “CFNM”, etc. Therefore readers who are looking for content involving transgenders ca know to find it, and those who aren’t into that can know to avoid it? I went through a similar thing years ago with the final story in LIKE A MASK REMOVED vol. 2.

Set the 80’s, the story of two childhood sweethearts discovering sex for the first time together. Our nameless narrated attended a Catholic school with her boyfriend Kevin. And when both were 18 but still in school and living with their parents, we read about how they progressed from making out to dry-humping to finally fucking.

Excluding the previous story, this is probably the weakest one in this collection. It wasn’t really bad, but it just didn’t do much for me.

Interracial sex story. Emma, a sexy White woman, gets into a minor accident that wrecks her car. Since she apparently doesn’t have Triple A, the only person she can call to come to get her is her ex-boyfriend Odin, a Black man with “dark chocolate skin.” It’s not clear exactly why they broke up, but once they’re together again the sexual tension between quickly overflows. Soon they’re stopping off at Emma’s father’s houseboat, where they once spent a hot weekend boning each other’s brains out, to reconnect again. And once admitting their continued love for each other, they try something new to both of them: anal sex!

Y’know, with Odin fucking Emma the ass, not the other way around.

Other than the weird fact of Bender naming the Black man “Odin,” this was a very good story.

Eight months early Dana met a stranger named Stone Sanders at a friend’s party. The attraction was immediate and mutual, and she quickly followed Stone into an empty bedroom where the two of them had the hottest sex of Dana’s young life, while everyone else enjoyed the party. Apparently Stone disappeared after that night and Dana had no way to contact him. She then found out she was pregnant but only just now has she been able to find Stone online and was able to contact him again. He texts her his address and she meets him out in a remote log cabin where, after seeing her condition he’s surprisingly excited at the prospect of becoming a father. They then have sex again, just as lustfully as before.

If you have a fetish for pregnant women, then you’ll love this story.

Journee and Peyton are two women in a relationship and living together. The story begins with a forest fire raging nearby, and Journee is worried about the danger if the fire reaches their neighborhood. Peyton tries to put Journee at ease by going down on her, which works perfectly. But then a few hours later the call goes out for their neighborhood to be evacuated, as the fire has gotten closer. Journee and Peyton quickly pack some things and are joined by their next-door neighbor, a man named Sawyer, and take him into their car to drive away. After a few hours, they haven’t gotten far due to heavy traffic, and pull over to a remote hiking area to spend the night in Sawyer’s car. It’s cold, and to keep warm three of them cuddle up in the backseat. And this leads to fucking.

Another somewhat odd scenario for a sex story, but it’s a fun idea

Kendall and Myles are a married couple, currently physically separate as Myles it out of town for his job. In the meantime the two of them have cybersex via Skype. We get a hot description of one such session to start off the story. The next night while they’re about to begin another cybersex session. Kendall is surprised by a knock on the door. It turns out that Myles has hired a gigolo named Asher to come by and have sex with Kendall, while Myles watches them (and jacks off) via Skype.

Another good potential “first chapter” of a woman’s first experience as a “hotwife.”

Another good collection of stories (with that one exception). Natasha Bender knows how to write a smoldering sex scene in multiple combinations, so if you’re looking for some hut smut to read, this collection is good choice for you.

Chacebook rating: FOUR STARS


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