The League Assembles! by Gigi Potemkin

Superheroes and sex. Two of my favorite things. I love to see the genre’s combined when down well, whether it’s in erotica books like LIKE A MASK REMOVED VOL. 1 and LIKE A MASKED REMOVED VOL. 2 or a softcore film like BIKINI AVENGERS. In fact, superhero erotica is something I’m dabbling in myself and hope to share before this summer is over. So I like to see how other writers handle this subject matter, and that’s why I bought this book.

Oh boy, where do I start?

Well, let me just go ahead and give you a brief summary. The Justice League calls Wonder Woman to their headquarters on the moon. When she gets there she’s greeted by Green Arrow, Green Lantern (the John Stewart version), and The Flash (the Wally West version). They tell her they sent Supergirl and Hawkwoman to investigate a strange meteor crash, but they lost contact with the two heroes and haven’t heard from them since.

But while the heroes are discussing the situation, all three of the male heroes are fighting being distracted by Wonder Woman’s toned sexy body and struggling to pay attention to the mission and fight back their growing erections. Wonder Woman’s heightened scenes make her well aware of her teammates’ reactions to her, and she gets excited as she sees their toned muscular bodies in their skintight costumes and thinks about the sizes of their cocks. It’s so obvious that when Wonder Woman prepares to go to her private quarters to get ready to go after Supergirl and Hawkwoman, she playfully advises her teammates to go ahead and jack off to her once she’s gone. And they proceed to do just that.

Then in her quarters, Superman shows up. And the sexual attraction between these two is so strong that they just stand there looking at each other getting turned on. Wonder Woman eventually becomes so wet that a puddle drops out from between her legs and she has multiple powerful orgasms that drop her to her knees leaving her exhausted. Superman is so excited that he has to fly off into space because he can’t risk ejaculating indoors as his super sperm is liable to burst through the walls endangering the other heroes (because they’re on the moon, remember?).

And, yeah, that’s basically it. Except change the names, Wonder Woman is Wonderous Woman, Green Arrow is The White Archer, Green Lantern is Black Lantern, The Flash is Human Lightning. Supergirl is Super Gal, Hawkwoman is Eagle Girl, and then Superman is Super Male, but Wonderous Woman refers to him as Klark Ken.

So right there you have the first problem, the lack of thought put into these new heroes. It’s fine to use analogs of mainstream characters, but try to be a little creative about it to make them somewhat unique. Changing Wonder Woman to Wonderous Woman, and so on, just makes this feel less like a new erotic story and more like some cheap Justice League fanfiction that some virginal teenager would write on a Reddit comic-book forum. And then you add the fact that there’s no actual sex here, and why am I reading this? I mean, I guess if there’s a particular kink about people having involuntary orgasms then this is the book for you, but it’s not my thing. This book was just a complete waste of time, I can’t even give it one star.


There is a sequel, called Super Booty Love! which I bought at the same time as this one. But I can’t bring myself to read it after this.

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