I got this book a couple of years ago. It is edited by Cecilia Tan and Bethany Zaiatz, from Circlet Press, and features 7 stories, by 7 different authors, about the sex lives of superheroes.

1/SWITCH by Rae Flower
It’s nighttime, and a superheroine named Neuromancer, who can fly and has telepathic powers, is trying to track down her arch-nemesis named Blue Gunner. Blue Gunner has somehow managed to attach some sort of vibrating device, which reaches between her legs, to her hips, and is taunting her with clues on how to find him, The notes say that if she can catch him he will give her the key to the device, and let her take him in without a fight. So we get to see Nueromancer do a bit of detective work, and she travels the city, and finding each clue, which leads to another clue. The catch is that each time she make a wrong choice in regards to one of the clues, the device between her legs goes off, bringing her to an intense orgasm. So by the time she has confronted Blue Gunner in his hiding place, the superheroine is superhorny, and what begins as a fight quickly turns into an intense sexual encounter. I won’t spoil the ending but it’s a bit of a twist.


2/PARTNERS by Michael M. Jones
This story begins right in the middle of an action sequence. We’re in Iron City, which is currently under attack by a supervillain called The Scraptician and is army of robots. The superheroine LIGHTING has been in a pitched battle with the robots, using her electrical powers to fight them, while her partner THUNDER, a superheroine with the power to project sonic blasts of energy, is doing the same elsewhere in town. While the idea of a super-duo named Thunder and Lightning, isn’t exactly the most original concept, what I like about this story is that it’s written as if it takes place in an established superhero universe. As the battle progresses, we get more insights, via Lightning’s thoughts, as to how this all got started, the history of the city and the other superheroes who are mentioned in the story (such as Mythological Max, and Professor Adventure), making this feel as if it’s a story involving DC or Marvel heroes. After the battle is over, and the villain defeated, the heroines return to the home that they share, as Thunder and Lighting are revealed to be Tanya and Lauren, to women who own an art gallery together, and also share a warehouse that they live together in. They’ve been roommates, partners, and business-owners together for years, never being anything more than that. But the shared concerned they had for each other during the dangerous fight seems to have awakened some deeper feelings. And when Lauren gives Tanya a massage, using her electric powers to help wipe away the soreness in Tanya’s body, the feeling overwhelm them both, and a sensuous Lesbian sex scene follows.

Jones does a great job of painting the picture of what’s happening, through his words. His descriptions of the ladies physical appearances (Thunder is a voluptuous dark-skinned Black woman, while Lighting is a slender blond-haired, blue eyes White woman) and the feelings that are going through both of their minds and bodies as they pleasure each other is very arousing. I’d love to read more from Jones about the further adventures of these heroines.


3/STAR CROSSED by David Hubbard
This is the story of a young superhero called Quasar, who has joined a team of superheroes called The League of Seven, and has an erotic encounter in the team’s gym, with an older, more established hero called Major Ursa.

I’ve got to be honest, once I deduced that this story was going to be about two gay male superheroes, I stopped reading. NOT THAT THERE’S ANYTHING WRONG WITH THAT, but it just not MY thing. Sorry.
So, unfortunately, I can’t summarize or rate this one.


A slightly drunk woman is almost hit by a car, but is saved by a man who is dressed like her favorite superhero. In gratitude, she lets him take her into the back of a sleazy XXX video store, and has quickie sex with him, and then he leaves her there, without saying a word. Was he really a superhero, or was he just some guy in a costume? That question remains unresolved as the story ends.

This is a very short story, but it works for me.


5/MERBOY AT MIDNIGHT by Tom Cardamone
Another story involving male/male sexual attraction, although it took awhile before that became apparent. So I did read a decent amount of this story before I just stopped (again, just not my thing). It’s mainly the story of Merboy, a young shy superhero who has basically been adopted by a group of experienced adult heroes called The World Champions. And because of his rough childhood (he was born a “merboy”, half-human/half-fish, to regular human parents, and some of the kids in the neighborhood treated him like a freak), he is desperate to be accepted by them. THAT part is good. I don’t know where it after the superhero Light Stream showed up to take a shower, because that’s when I stopped, before it got all “gay”. But I can give it some marks for how good the parts that I read were.


6/LAWMAN by Angela Caperton
This is a fascinating story, set in an alternate history. The exact time is not known, but I assume it’s “the present.” In this world, back in 1938 the U.S. Government somehow created a special mix of chemicals that could transform any man into a super-man, with super humans senses, strength, invulnerable skin, and the ability to fly. This chemical, overseen by J. Edgar Hoover, was given to a new agency of law enforcement, called THE LAWMEN. These super-powered Lawman started off fighting crime, like bank-robbers and such, expanded to the military, stopping WWWII from even happening and in the decades sense have turned America into a police state, enforcing “morality”. Dean is a retired Lawman, no longer getting the chemical shots (they require daily injections to work), still retaining some small extra-senses, but is mostly a normal human once again, and is at a little bar, looking to pick up a woman to have sex. It seems that a side effect of the chemicals is that it suppresses sexual desire in the Lawman (to keep them focused on their jobs) and now, after all those years without it, Dean wants to experience sexual pleasure again. This is despite the fact that this sort of thing is illegal now. So not only is there the issue of Dean’s eagerness to feel like a man once again, there’s the undercurrent of danger that he (& the woman he’s going home with), could be caught at any minute. This is a great concept that could be expanded into a full novel.


7/A DOUBLE-EDGED BOMB by Lauren P. Burka
Another gay romance story. Sorry, had to pass again.


So I almost feel guilty about having to skip the stories I did. No disrespect to the authors is intended. But even with those stories being skipped, the others that I did read were, overall, good enough for me to give this book a general 4 OUT OF 5 STARS, and say that I found it worth buying, and I can recommend it to any fan of superheroes and erotica (&, hey, if you happen to be into M/M erotica, those extra stories are for you, too!).

It is available as an ebook through AMAZON and directly through the Circlet Press website.

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