This film is from 1999, it was written by Earl Kenton, and directed by Dan Golden (aka Sam Silver). It’s a paranormal erotic film that opens 100 years earlier, in a remote English castle, owned by a man called Lord Isherwood (Robert Donavan). In quick succession, we see Lord Isherwood separately having sex with three different women, Gwen (Stacey DeSimone), Abigail (Janet Tracy Keijser), and Serena (Jennifer Bergeron), and promising to marry each one. It’s also noted that at the end of each encounter we see him taking a little white pill, apparently for his heart. Isherwood’s loyal servants Natalia (Nikki Fritz) and Thomas (David Usher) don’t approve of him cavorting with such low-class “wenches”, particularly because Natalia is herself in love with Isherwood, and they lock the women in a room in the castle. But when the women compare notes and realize that Isherwood had obviously been lying to each of them about marriage, they escape and sneak into his bedroom while he sleeps and climb into bed with him.

What follows is one of the hottest softcore sex scenes I’ve ever seen. It’s 6 minutes and 23 seconds (yes, I timed it) of what most men would consider the ultimate fantasy: sex with 3 women at once. It starts off very tender as if first seems as if the women are willingly sharing him, and Abigail and Serena undress and then begin to gently kiss and stroke Lord Isherwood. Gwen appears reluctant at first, but after about 2 minutes she’s convinced by the other women to join in, and she undresses and crawls into the bed with them. After another minute Serena then gets on top of Isherwood and rides him cowgirl-style and then Abigail takes her turn and does the same, while Isherwood appears to be in ecstasy, finally followed by Gwen, who gets on top. This is when the fantasy becomes a nightmare, as we see that Lord Isherwood begins to look as if he’s having heart problems, as Gwen pumps up and down on him faster and faster, Isherwood tries to reach for his jar of pills sitting on the desk next to the bed, but Abigail and Serena hold him down, not letting him get up, while Gwen keeps riding him. Finally, at the moment of climax, Isherwood drops dead (but what a way to go!). Natalia runs into the room and sees what happens. She tricks the women into drinking some potion she created, which causes all the women to fall unconscious.

Flash-forward to the modern era. We’re in Hollywood. Brother and sister Judy and Eddie Isherwood (Michelle Hall aka Michelle Von Flotow and Kirk Enochs) have received a legal notice that they’ve inherited the old Isherwood castle, which both of them have been having strange dreams and visions about), and decide to travel there with Judy’s boyfriend, Chip (Jon-Damon Charles) and her friend Francine (Catalina Larranaga). When they get there they don’t see anyone or any way to get in, and so they look around the estate. After Michelle has a vision of Lord Isherwood having sex with Gwen, she sneaks off with Chip to a nearby water fountain, and they have sex outdoors.

Finally, they meet Thomas, who is still the same age, and he brings them in and introduces them to Natalia, who likewise hasn’t aged in 100 years. She invites them to stay to see the place. Later that night, Eddie is walking around the castle, and he sees what looks like a ghost of Gwen, but she vanishes when he tries to follow her. Then we see Francine taking a shower while imagining having sex with Thomas outdoors. During dinner, Natalia tells everyone that her Great Grandmother was the caretaker of the castle during Lord Isherwood’s time and that her family has been taking care of the castle ever since. Then she goes to bed, and Eddie tries to tell everyone else about the ghost he saw, but they don’t believe him. Francine then bumps into Thomas, and they have sex on a table.

While going back to his room, Natalia catches Eddie, telling him that as a male Isherwood, he belongs there with her, and proceeds to seduce him. She sits him in a large chair, and then performs a strip-tease and a lap dance for him before going down on him, and then climbing into his lap for sex. Fritz is a softcore film legend (sadly retired now), and this scene shows what made her so great. The woman just oozes sex appeal. Afterward, Eddie runs into Chip, but before he can tell them what happens, he sees the vision of Gwen again. They follow it up into the attic, to a hidden room, and find Gwen, Abigail, and Serena laying on a bed in nightgowns, apparently asleep, all the same age as they were 100 years ago. Eddie hears Gwen’s voice in his head, telling him to kiss them, and so he bends down to kiss each woman on the lips, and they wake up, as if from a long sleep.

The three women take a shower together, helping wash each other off, which is all pretty erotic to watch. Afterwards they meet with the rest of the group and tell them all about Lord Isherwood and the curse Natalia put on them. Natalia is off in another part of the castle, and somehow found out that the women have been awakened, and we see her casting some kind of spell to get Judy to hate the women, so she’ll help turn the others against them. Next, we see Judy catching Chip in bed, naked, with Abigail and Serena, and then storms off angrily. The big waste here is that they didn’t actually film a three-way with Chip and the two women. We just see them sleeping in the aftermath. That could have been a good scene.

Eddie tries to take Gwen out to the local village, but when she tries to walk out the front gate she’s struck down as if by an invisible force field, discovering that the three women are unable to leave the estate. Then we get two new sex scenes. Thomas and Francine have sex outdoors, exactly like in the fantasy Francine had in the shower the night before, while Eddie and Gwen skinny dip and then have sex in a pool. Both scenes were good but would have been better if they’d focused on one at a time, instead of jumping back and forth between each scene.

Eddie finds a book of magic spells, and tries to find one that will lift the spell that Natalia put on all of them. With Thomas’s help, they find the right spell, but it will only work if all negativity in the castle is lifted, which means that Chip has to convince Judy to forgive him, which she eventually does. Meanwhile, Abigail and Serena are outside commiserating over the fact that even if they could go out into the world, 100 years have passed which means they have no family or friends left. They decide that all they have is each other, and make love on a patio, in a really tender and erotic lesbian scene.

With all the couple’s happy, the last thing they could do is see if one of the ladies was pregnant with Lord Isherwood’s child, which would prevent Natalia from hurting them. They take pregnancy tests, and find that Gwen is indeed pregnant with Lord Isherwood’s child (which I guess makes sense since she was the one actually having sex with him when he died). Natalia lifts the curse and hears a voice from Lord Isherwood to come join him in the afterlife, so she disappears. So, with Eddie declaring that he wants to help Gwen raise Lord Isherwood’s child, he and Gwen, Thomas and Francine, and Abigail and Serena all leave to go start new lives together, while Judy and Chip stay at the castle, planning to get married and live there. And, during the end credits, we hear the voices of Lord Isherwood and Natalia as spirits in the afterlife, having sex (despite not having bodies anymore).


It’s a pretty cool film. My only slight criticisms are, as mentioned before, that we didn’t get an actual threesome with Chip and the two ladies, and that they inter-cut those other two sex scenes instead of letting them stand alone. I also would have liked to have gotten a 2nd Michelle Hall sex scene. Catalina Larranaga got two sex scenes and a shower scene, but Michelle just got the one, that doesn’t seem fair. Oh well. Still, each scene that we got in this film was pretty hot. I’ll especially credit the actresses who play the three “Hidden Beauties,” they were cast perfectly. Janet Tracy Keijser is slim and petite, while Jennifer Bergeron has a voluptuous body, and Stacey DeSimone is in-between, so you get a nice variety of body types with those three.

Also, something I’ve never credited before in a softcore film: the score. Seriously, the music in the film really fits the mood of each scene, especially the early 4-way, adding to the eroticism. The music was composed and performed by Wayne Scott Joness, and there’s a theme song called “The Legend of Isherwood”, which the credits say was based on “Chuaigh Me ‘Na Rosann” by 19th Century Donegal poet Peter Walsh. New lyrics and arrangements by Jones, with vocals by Darlene Bonaparte. Solo violin by Yi-Huan Zhad. I just want to give props to all of them, for their contributions to this film.

I give this one 5 STARS. Beauties

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