Filthy Fairy Tales: Explicit Adult Short Story Collection by NATASHA BENDER

I enjoy the first short story collection by Natasha Bender that I bought, so I bought this one as well. This one contains four short stories.

Bella’s Beast
An updated take on the Beauty And The Beast tale. Set in the modern-day, Bella Paige is a real estate agent desperate to sell a particular mansion that all of the other agents in her firm have been able to sell. And the reason for that is because of the rumor that the mansion is inhabited by some kind of beast.

I think you see where this is going.

Bella faces her fears and enters the mansion and indeed confronts the beast, and it’s lust at first sight. The sex is very hot, and it ends on a bit of twist.

Warm and Fuzzy
Cassie is a curvy cosplayer, dressed as Little Red Riding Hood. She attends a comic book convention and meets a handsome stranger dressed like a wolf. The two hit it off and spend the rest of the day exploring the convention together, and then retire to the wolf’s hotel room afterward.

Neptune’s Child
I guess this one is meant to be a riff on The Little Mermaid, but the genders reversed. The lead character, Miranda, is a Marine Biologist, investigating what most people believe it a hoax involving rumors about the appearance of mermaids in a certain bay in Hawaii. One day she actually encounters a Merman who saves her from drowning. And this turns to sex. Yes, despite being a fish from the waist down, the Merman actually two cocks! And he’s able to fuck her both in the pussy and in the ass at the same time. This one also has a surprising ending.

Deep Woods Desire
Nova is a single woman, still in mourning from being dumped by her longtime boyfriend after finding out he’d gotten another woman pregnant 2 months earlier. She goes out to a cabin in the remote woods that her parents own to spend some time by herself. But she soon meets a handsome man named Ronan who lives in a cabin not too far from herself. They get together for dinner in his cabin one night, then he walks her back to her cabin, and they end up having sex. They next morning Nova wakes up alone and decides to walk back to Ronan’s cabin, where she discovers that he’s actually a sort of werewolf. She seems him in his wolf-form and freaks out and runs back home. A few weeks pass, and Nova discovers that she’s pregnant! What does she do? Read to find out!

Another good collection of short stories, these are a little bit longer than the others. A bit of heavier emphasis on “bestiality” this time, with three out of four stories involving actual human/animal hybrids. But it works. The actual sex scenes are writing very vividly and erotically, which is what you want in stories like. Natasha Bender has a very nice way with words.  If you’re look for a quick but exciting read, this collection is highly recommended.

Chacebook rating: FIVE STARS




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