WHAT IF…(explicit adult erotic fairy tale fantasy short story collection) by Natasha Bender

This is a very short story collection, by NATASHA BENDER whom I discovered on Twitter last year. I picked this up because erotic takes on fairy tales is actually something that I’ve had in mind for a while, even have some pretty hot concept art stored away. So I wanted to see how another writer handles these stories.

Snow White
The wicked stepmother gazes into her magic mirror…and seethes with jealousy as she watches her stepdaughter Snow White get gangbanged by the Seven Dwarfs. Not a bad opening.

Jack and the Beanstalk
Jack climbs the magic beanstalk and finds the home of the giant, in the clouds. The giant’s not home, but his horny wife is, and she wants Jack to bang her before her husband gets home. This story definitely has a surprising twist as poor Jack gets a lot more than he bargained for.

Alice and the Mad Hatter
Alice shows up at the Mad Hatter’s tea party and sits down, which the Mad Hatter declares is rude because she wasn’t formally invited. So now the bad girl has to be spanked. And that’s just the beginning.
I always loved the original Alice In Wonderland story, so this was fun.

Cinderella and Prince Henry
Cinderella, enchanted into a great beauty by her fairy Godmother, arrives at the Royal Ball and meets the Prince. It’s love at first sight. Or more like lust at first sight. The Prince takes her to a private room to talk, but Cinderella, knowing that the spell will end at midnight, doesn’t want to waste time talking, so she propositions the Prince who readily complies and they have hot sex until Cinderella disappears for the night, leaving nothing behind for the Prince to remember her by except for one of her glass slippers…
A good story that would fit right in with the original fairytale, without changing anything else.

Ariel and Ursula
Mermaid Ariel meets with sea-witch Ursula to make a deal for a potion that will turn Ariel into a human for three days, so that Ariel can go to the surface and seduce the handsome Prince that she recently met. Ursula agrees to make a magic potion for Ariel, but she demands being paid with SEX, and Ariel is happy to oblige.
This is another story that fits in with its original fairytale.

Tinkerbell and Captain Hook
Captain Hook has kidnapped Tinkerbell and is holding her captive. He’s determined to turn her against Peter Pan, the man she loves, and he does so by telling her how close Peter is to Wendy Darling. His gambit works, and Tinkerbell decides to have sex with Captain Hook as revenge, which is exactly what he wanted. The fact that she’s a tiny little fairy, about the same size as Hook’s erect cock, makes sex between the two a bit difficult, but thankfully for the Captain, Tinkerbell has a very good imagination. This is quite a clover story.

Aurora and Prince Phillip
Aurora is Sleeping Beauty and Prince Phillip is the man destined to wake her up with kiss…which he does, and then she rewards him with sex. A perfect closing to this collection.

A nice little batch of short stories and I’ll note that these are really short. I bought this book yesterday morning and read it and finished it during my lunch break at work. As such, the one weakness would be that it’s basically a collection of seven sex scenes with a little story included to set the atmosphere. I think I’d love to see Bender break this down into seven full-length books, retelling the entire fairytales, as she does a good job of describing the sex scenes in vivid detail.

So for what this is, if you looking for a nice quick read to pass the time, I think this is worth it. Chacebook rating: FIVE STARS


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