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Here’s a movie that I only recently watched, even though it came out in 2010. But I think the first time I learned of it I thought that it was one of those X-rated movies that just got edited down to be played on cable because all of the leading actresses were also hardcore X-rated performers. But it turns that this is actually an original softcore film, from MRG Entertainment/Mainline Releasing, the studio that made some of the best softcore films and Tv shows over a 20-year run from 1995 to 2015.

I’ll start this by giving a SPOILER WARNING. Yeah, I’m going to reveal details of the plot because, well, as you’ll see, there’s really not much “plot” in here anyway.

Written by Derek Harvey and directed by Matt Taylor, the film opens by introducing us to Paul and Leslie, a couple who are living together played by Kenneth Blake and Aubrey Addams. They live in a very nice house in a nice neighborhood, but one night while Leslie says she’s out with a friend, she accidentally leaves her phone at home and Paul sees it when she gets a dirty text from someone, indicating that she’s been having an affair. He then checks her laps and finds a sex tape of her with another man. So when Leslie gets home, Paul confronts her with the evidence and even plays the sex tape on their TV. It’s notable that despite all the different positions Leslie and her lover get (she and Paul apparently watch the whole tape, which is treated as a sex scene, before continuing their argument), there are never any shots of the other man’s face. Leslie then complains that Paul’s been out of work for several months and she’s been tired of paying for all the bills herself, saying she feels like “the man” in the relationship, so she might as well act like one. Paul kicks her out and she leaves.

Despite this set-up (we’re about 14 minutes into the film at this point), where you’d think Paul is going to be the lead character in this movie, he basically disappears for the next half-hour as the film switches to the home of roommates Marisa and Chloe (Evie Delatosso and Tiffany Tyler). It’s established that these two girls are social opposites, with Chloe being the wild one and Evie is the shy one. Chloe is dating Marisa’s brother Mike (Jarod Diamond), but has an extremely lax attitude towards monogamy, even once happily bragging about cheating on all of her ex-boyfriends, which Marisa finds disgusting. Both Mike and Chloe mock Evie for her lack of a social life, with Chloe even saying that she assumed Evie is a lesbian, which Evie is offended by. It turns out that Mike has been friends with Paul since High School, and mentions to Marissa, whom he says used to have a crush on Paul back then, that Mike and Leslie just broke up because of her cheating. Marissa is then shown looking up both Leslie and Paul on the social network “Facefriends.”


Marisa denies having had a crush on Paul, and Mike says that’s good anyway because it wouldn’t be cool for his friend to date his sister. Now, at this point, I was expecting this film to be about Marisa contacting Paul via that website and them re-establishing contact and eventually deciding to date. Like a little romcom, with explicit sex scenes. And that could have been an interesting movie, as opposed to what we ended up getting.

Although Marisa is shown checking out Paul’s Facefriends page more than once, including seeing that out of anger he’s posted Leslie’s sex tape on his page (I guess Facefriends has more lax rules about what you can post than Facebook does), she makes no effort to contact him. Instead, to show Mike and Chloe that she’s no prude, she goes out to a club and picks up some musician named Dane (Levii Miller) and brings him back to her place to have sex. When Chloe sees him the next morning she’s impressed with Marisa’s actions, and then promptly seduces and has sex with Dane herself.

We see Mike meet up with Paul at a basketball court, where they talk about Leslie, and Paul complains about not knowing who the guy Leslie slept with is. And at this point, I swear I was immediately able to guess that it was Mike. There’s not even any real clues given, other than earlier when Marisa looks as Leslie’s Facebook page she questions why Mike is still friends with her on it since she cheated on Paul, but he blows off the question, it’s just because they were making a big deal about the other man’s ID being a mystery, I knew it had to be Mike since there was no one else in the story that would matter. Mike happens to mention Marisa to Paul, and brings up Marisa’s supposed high school crush on him, but then also tells him he can’t date her because that’s his sister. And there’s no indication that Paul’s even interested.

Then, using Marisa’s account, Chloe contacts Paul through Facefriends and then shows up at his house wearing a nurses uniform. He has no idea who she is, but she explains that she’s a friend of Marisa and Mike’s, claiming that they sent her to him and then she seduces him. The next day Paul goes to Mike’s house to ask about Chloe, and he catches Mike in bed with Leslie and he punches him.

Then Paul is Marisa’s house, telling her what happened. She’s disgusted with both Mike and Chloe, and when Chloe comes home Marisa kicks her out, and then she and Paul finally hook up and…that’s it. They live happily ever after I guess.

I don’t even know what the point of this film was. I know there’s a stereotype of bad softcore movies that, like bad hardcore movies, as just a bunch of sex scenes thrown together with a minimal plot to get from one scene to the next, and that’s not true for all of them, but this is one that fits that description. Even with this small cast, I feel like I could have pieced together a better story. The limited plot also makes the fact that the acting is subpar. Aubrey and Tiffany are both weak links in this when it comes to delivering dialog. And Kenneth Blake isn’t much better, he just looks angry most of the time. Evie Delatosso is a little better. But nobody’s winning any Oscar’s here.

So the only thing left that could save this film are the sex scenes. But ultimately, none of those are anything to write home about either.
There are right scenes altogether, Aubrey Anders has one with Kenneth Blake and two with Jarod Diamond. Tiffany Tyler has three, one Jarod, one with Kenneth, and one with Levii Miller, and Evie Delatosso. They’re all fine scenes, they’re shot well and look real. But it’s only the two Delatosso scene that felt “erotic” to me. So I can’t even really recommend this film just for the sex.

Terrible plot, bad acting, mediocre sex scenes. Chacebook rating: THREE STARS

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