MILF’s Pride : Real MILFs 1 by Tori Westwood

This is a short story, just 22 pages. I don’t usually buy these types of stories on Amazon because, frankly, they tend to be overpriced. The average price is $2.99, which just doesn’t make sense for an ebook (or “estory”, I guess, to be accurate). Even if it’s a writer that I’m familiar with, I’ll at most wait until they put a bunch of stories into one collection to buy it. But the author, Tori Westwood, was offering this particular story for free, and I love the older woman/younger man premise, so I snapped it up.

It’s written from the POV of Jenny, whose 19-year old “housemate” (I guess they’re British) Paul has just gotten officially licensed as a masseur, which has been his dream for many years. To celebrate, Jenny offers to be his first real client, and they head to the special “massage room” that Paul had set up in the house, where Jenny gets on the massage table and Paul proceeds to give her a rub-down. I don’t think I’m spoiling much to say that this massage becomes increasingly erotic as both Jenny and Paul get more and more turned on, until finally, it leads to sex. Paul is, of course, a virgin, but nevertheless brings Jenny to orgasm and it ends with them both satisfied and Jenny sharing with us that she and Paul would go on to have many more “adventures” after this.

As I’ve stated before in previous reviews, short stories of this nature can be tough to pull off. I’ve found that many such authors either give us too much or too little. By that, I mean that they spend way too much time building up to the sex, which is what we read these types of stories for, or, on the opposite spectrum, they just get right to the sex without any build-up, which can be just as bad. I need the scene to be set properly, so I can envision the action as fully as possible in my head while I’m reading it, but I don’t necessarily need 3 chapters of dialog and backstory. It can be hard to say exactly how to do it right, and there’s no one-size-fits-all standard anyway. It’s just sort of an I-know-it-when-I-read-it thing.

Specifically, with this story, one of the problems is that it doesn’t bother explaining how Paul came to move in with Jenny, nor for how long he’s been there. And the biggest problem is that it doesn’t give us much info about Jenny. Since the main appeal of this story premise is that it’s an older woman with a younger man, I’d like to at least know exactly what the age-gap is between them. Is she 5 years oldr than Paul or 15? Or more? We don’t know. The title of the story has “milf” in it, but does she actually have any children?

It also doesn’t give us a good description of Jenny. About Paul, we’re told that he’s “tall and athletic with clean features and shaggy blonde hair.” We’re also later told that he has hard abs. All we really learn about Jenny is that she’s got large breasts (and a “hairy pussy”), which Paul finds very enticing when she takes her bra off during the massage. She later refers to her “big ass,” so I guess she’s got a voluptuous body-type? I would have liked to the story to have been more descriptive off her, including hair color and length, at least, and if she’s tall or short.

As for the sex itself, that’s not bad. It starts with Jenny giving Paul a blow job as he stands beside her on the massage table, and then she tell him to get on top and fuck her, which he does. If this story was just one chapter in a full novel it might work better, but just as a stand-alone story, it’s not really worth it.

Chacebook rating: 2 STARS


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