I Claimed Him After Ballet Class : Sinful MILFs 1 by Tori Westwood

Once again I’m reviewing an erotic short story by Tori Westwood, this one I bought at the same time as MILF’s Pride : Real MILFs 1, as it was likewise free.

Once again the male character is a 19-year-old named Paul, but he’s not the same man as before, as this man is also a virgin when the story begins, despite being described handsome with an athletic body. This story is also told in first-person POV of the female character, whose first name is never revealed. She’s just referred to by Paul as “Miss Reynolds.” She’s also not really described physically, just that in the story she mentions having her hair tied up in a bun. So I just envisioned her as the model on the cover on the story. But at least we get an age this time, as she mentions early on being twenty years older than Paul, so she’s 39. That’s the kind of age-difference that I like in these types of stories.

The basic plot is that Miss Reynolds is a ballet teacher, and most of her students are men and women around Paul’s age, but Paul is her most dedicated student, whom she notice doesn’t go out and socialize with the rest of the class as they tend to, choosing instead to stay after class to continue practicing. She notices a lot of flirting between the students, but Paul seems uninterested in any of the women, but Miss Reynold can just “sense” that he’s not gay (is “straightdar” the opposite of “gaydar?”), he’s just shy. She also can apparently sense his virginity.

One night, after a class in her studio, after the rest of the students have left, Paul asks Miss Reynold for some extra lessons, and Miss Reynolds confronts him on why he doesn’t want to go out with the rest of the class. She then proceeds, in a somewhat implausible yet hilarious line of dialog, to interrogate the young man about his experience with women, breaking him down when he tries to lie about it until he admits to being a virgin who’s never even seen a real woman naked.

And that’s where the fun begins.

After locking the studio door, Miss Reynolds strips nude for Paul and lets him get a good look at her body. Then she turns around and bends over in front of him and beckons him to eat her out, which he does nervously but eagerly. After he’s brought her to orgasm she strips him naked and they have sex, continuing until, at her insistence, he cums inside of her.

This story had a much better set-up, to set the mood of the scenario, and the sex scene was more arousing. So this is a definite improvement over the previous tale. It’s still a bit short, at 27 pages, to really be worth paying for on its own, but as part of a collection of similarly-themed stories, it would be a nice addition.

Chacebook rating: THREE AND A HALF STARS


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