Second Coming #6

The creative team of writer Mark Russell and artist Richard Pace bring this miniseries to a most-satisfying conclusion. At the end of the previous issue, Sunstar proposed to Sheila, and she accepted, despite the knowledge that they’d never be able to have children together and that Sunstar’s immortality means that he will eventually outlive her and anyone else that he loves. But first, he has a mission to take out one of his arch-enemies in his Island fortress. Then Sunstar and Sheila get married and head off to their one-week honeymoon. Meanwhile, Jesus has another meeting with some of his new followers, preaching a new version of The Gospel that doesn’t rely on blind faith. But Satan, mad at being rejected by God again, has gathered his own forces for revenge.

As I said before, this series isn’t the easiest title to review, it’s interesting entertaining and thought-provoking, but that’s all in the ideas and questions that this book raises through the words of the characters. So you really have to read it for yourself. But, trust me, it’s worth it.

I was glad to see in the end that this is not meant to be the definitive conclusion, it’s just the end of what they refer to as “season one.” Whenever this book returns, I’ll also return to read it.

Chacebook rating: FOUR STARS


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