Second Coming #5

Writer Mark Russell and artist Richard Pace bring us another issue of this fascinating and thought-provoking series. There are three major subplots running through this issue. Satan meets with God, as we saw last issue, and begs for forgiveness, saying that he’s changed his ways and wants to be let back into heaven. Jesus meets with his newest followers and tries to explain his message and how it got distorted the last time he was on Earth. And Sunspot meets with a foreign dictator who invites him to his nation and offers to let him adopt an orphan since this is still a major desire that Sunspot and Sheila have. Unfortunately, Sunspot’s trip doesn’t turn out like he’d expected, and when Jesus hears that God is considering forgiving Satan HE is not amused.

This book continues to entertain me. It’s not the easiest to review, as most of it is character-based, not action-based, with most of the excitement coming from the various characters’ conversations with each other and others. So you just have to read it for yourself. Big kudos to Mark Russell for his skill at writing the dialog. And while Richard Pace’s artwork is not extraordinary, it is more than satisfying for this series. That’s why this continues to get my recommendation.

Chacebook rating: FOUR STARS


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