Second Coming #4

After their separation the previous issue, Jesus has gone missing. Sunspot goes back to the group therapy that was seen in the second issue, to gather those other superheroes to help him find Jesus, although this isn’t easy as we learn that the other heroes resent Sunstar’s powers, which dwarf their own, and fame. Asit turns out Jesus is still in jail, where he’s being held for a psychiatric evaluation. There he meets a nice inmate named Larry, gets a copy of the Bible and sees how his teachings were misinterpreted in the New Testament, and reflects on where he went wrong in his previous travails on Earth. Meanwhile, Satan and God meet in a Diner for a conversation.

Another good issue from the creative team of writer Mark Russell and artist Richard Pace. Light on action, but heavy on drama(in a good way). I’m interested to see more of how these latest events affect Jesus. I’m also hoping that the other superheroes, Night Justice and Lady Razor make future appearances and we learn more about them (not to mention Row-Bot). As I noted in an earlier review, this series ot turning out to be nowhere near as subversive as I originally expected it to be, but it’s entertaining and thought-provoking.

Chacebook rating: FOUR STARS


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