The Seductress

Written and directed by J. Edie Martin, this 2000 movie stars two of the all-time greatest actresses in the softcore genre, Shauna O’Brien and Gabriella Hall.  Just that fact alone should be enough for you to trust my recommendation to watch this film!

Shauna stars as Alexis Baxter, a compulsive “black widow,” she spends her life seeking out rich men, marrying them, and then killing them in order to inherit all of their money. She somehow has access to some unnamed poison that she can slip into the men’s drinks, and it causes a heart attack that medically appears to be natural causes.

Alexis is extremely good at this, the film opens with her poisoning her husband Brandis Baxter (Morgan Moran). Then it cuts to a couple of months later she’s now married to Lewis Stone (Sid Fontana), whom she soon poisons. Then she reads a story in the newspaper about another successful businessman, Jonathan Hunter (John McCafferty), and she seeks him out and quickly convinces him to marry her. And this is all within the first half-hour of the film!

I’ll be the last person to deny Shauna O’Brien’s obvious sex appeal (even though this film is post boob-job, while I thought she looked better with her small natural ones), but still, it stretches credibility that these obviously smart wealthy men would be taken in by her so quickly and easily. But whatever.

Gabriella Hall plays Kay Sanders, she’s living with an engaged to Paul (Jarod Carey), an artist and painter. She works as a researcher for Paul’s father, a police officer. For some reason, she’s been following the stories of newlywed rich men who die suddenly at relatively young ages (both Brandis and Lewis were in their 40’s). When she sees the news of Jonathan recently getting married, she somehow makes the connection to their other deaths and suspects that he is the next victim. Using her police contacts she has looked up the widows of the first two men, but it’s hard to find pictures of them, plus Alexis changes her name and her hair with each man (she has a blonde wig on in the beginning with Brandis, then her normal black hair with Lewis, and is now wearing a red wig with Jonathan. After Jonathan turns up dead, Kay feels guilty that she couldn’t save him in time. And then when Alexis goes to some mountain resort run by a young single millionaire, Roman Jurow (Gary Angelino) Kay arrives there posing as another guest and tries to find a way to expose Alexis before she marries and murders him too.

And then it gets really weird.

I don’t want to say more about the story, for fear of spoilers, but despite the many logistical plot-holes, the film comes to a satisfying conclusion with several unexpected twists along the way. It’s a well-directed film, and the cast are all decent actors. And best of all the sex scenes are incredible!

Both Shauna and Gabriella have multiple sex scenes with different men during the film, 4 for Shauna, 3 for Gabriella (plus a shower scene for Gabriella) so fans of both will be happy. The only downside is that there isn’t a scene with the two of them together, but there’s a good in-reason story for that. So whether you actually want to watch the whole film, or just fast-forward to check out the sex scenes, I think you will be satisfied.

Chacebook rating: FOUR STARS


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  1. As far as there not being a scene with Shauna and Gabriella together, I thought I read somewhere that Gabriella never wanted to do g/g scenes, and only ever did one in her whole career. Or did I imagine that? (I may have imagined it.)

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    • Interesting, now that you mention it I don’t recall ever seeing Gabriella in a g/g scene. Considering how prevalent g/g scenes were in softcore during her active acting years, and how most of the other major actresses in the genre did them, that was likely a deliberate choice on her part to avoid them.

      Funny how I never noticed that before.


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