FRIEND OF THE FAMILY 2 (aka “Innocence Betrayed” and “Passionate Revenge”)


First of all, don’t worry if you’ve never seen Friend of The Family 1 (which I’ll review later), before you watch Friend of The Family 2, it’s a completely unrelated movie. In fact, when I first saw this movie, it was called Innocence Betrayed, I’ve also seen it advertised as Passionate Revenge, but it was eventually re-titled Friend of The Family 2, I assume in order to capitalize on the popularity of Shauna O’Brien, who stars in both films. This film is written by Henry Krinkle and directed by softcore film auteur Fred Olen Ray, and is best described as a cross between Fatal Attraction and The Hand That Rocks The Cradle.

Paul Michael Robinson stars as Alex Madison, a businessman from L.A. who, in the start of the film, is in New Orleans on a business trip. While eating in a restaurant he witnesses a woman named Linda (O’Brien, billed as Shauna O’Brian) having an argument with, and getting left by, her fiance. After offering to give her a ride back to her apartment, the two have sex. He goes back the next night and they have sex again, after which Lisa confesses that she’s fallen in love with him. Alex lies to her, telling her he feels the same way, but then he sneaks out while she’s asleep, and flies back home to L.A. The next day, Linda is heartbroken when she wakes up and Alex is gone, having left her a little note. Later she finds out that her ex-fiance has killed himself, after he saw her with Alex the night before.

Back in L.A., Alex tries to put his life back together, with his wife Maddy (Jenna Bodnar) and their infant son Matthew, despite the guilt that he feels. He’s not too happy when Maddy tells him that her teenage brother, Byron (Kevin Patrick Walls, billed as Sid Farley), will soon arrive to spend the summer with them, or when Maddy announces that she’s changed her mind about staying home to raise Matthew, and wants to go back to work and hire a live-in nanny to take care of the baby. Alex tries to accept both decisions, but things go downhill when Linda, who had taken his address from his wallet, goes to L.A., poses as a nanny, and gets hired by Maddy.

Alex hides his shock when he sees Linda, but that first night when he tries to force her to leave, she threatens to expose their affair, and then demands that he have sex with her again, which he reluctantly (poor guy!) does. She repeats the action the next night, ordering Alex into her room, while Maddy sleeps, and forces him into sex, except this time Byron is watching from an outside window. The next day, while everyone else is at work, Lisa confronts Bryan in his room, and seduces him to keep him silent. While, at work, Alex is up for a promotion, which adds to all the stress he’s feeling, and needs to have a dinner for an important client at his house. Linda drugs Maddy, causing her to faint and be taken to the hospital, while Lisa cooks the dinner and serves as hostess for everyone. Also at the dinner is Alex’s coworker, Mark (Jeff Rector), who comes on to Linda, and she ends up going back to the office with him and having sex with him.

Without spoiling the ending, not that anyone watches films like this for the plot, let’s just say that pretty soon someone’s life is in danger, as Linda’s schemes escalate. And not everyone makes it out of this film alive…

The success of this film completely rests on Shauna O’Brien’s shoulders, and she carries it with ease. First of all, she’s actually a pretty good actress (as is everyone else in this film). But she’s also sexy as Hell. This is back when she was in the prime of her career, and still had her natural small, perky breasts, which looked good on her. Years later she would get implants (she claims she needed to, because of the way her breasts looked after she’d had a baby), and while I have nothing against implants, she just didn’t get a good boob-job. She got what looks like two rock-hard basketballs stuck on her chest. It just killed all of her sex-appeal, in my open, ruining her later films, but that’s not a problem here. O’brien has 5 sex scenes in this film, all of which are very erotic, 3 of which are with Robinson. And it’s impressive, and speaks to the chemistry of O’brien and Robinson, that they’re able to perform together 3 times in one film without any scene looking boring. Trust me, you won’t be fast-forwarding through any of them.

But the real stand out here is O’brien’s scene with Kevin Patrick Walls. O’brien plays the wanton evil seductress here, and plays it very well, while Walls is a natural as the naive young virgin. It’s similar to the role he played in Cyberella, and just as good. The film is worth it for this one scene alone, if you ask me. I must also give kudos to Jenna Bodnar, who has one sex scene with Robinson, and is also very sexy (& more naturally busty than O’Brien).

Unfortunately, copies of this film on DVD, or even old VHS, are hard to come by, particularly in the UNRATED version, which is the only one you’d want. That’s why I mentioned the other names this film goes by, to increase your chances of being able to find it. And if you can, you won’t be sorry


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  1. I totally remember this movie! It was definitely “Innocence Betrayed” back then, and I could never figure out the reason for that title. The name change makes sense. I remember seeing it twice on TV when I was 13. I told my friend about it, and loved it as much as I did. It ended up being an inside joke for a long time afterward. Great, super sexy movie. And good review!


    • Thanks, glad you like the review. Re-naming is somewhat common among softcore films like this, including listing some films as sequels to other films, even when they’re unrelated. At least this one has the same actress starring in it, but most of the time the films are just completely different.


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