Sometimes credited as Animal Instincts 3: The Seductress or just Animal Instincts: The Seductress, this 1996 film from Axis Films International was written by Selwyn Harris and directed by Gregory Dark. It is the third and final entry in saga of Joanna Cole (although she is referred to as Joanna Coles here, perhaps to indicate that she’s not the same character from the first two films? Or maybe just an editing error… ), nymphomaniac and exhibitionist. Actress Wendy Schumacher (aka Alexander Keith) takes over the role of Joanna and while she’s no Shannon Whirry, she is definitely not lacking in sex appeal.

In the 2 years since Animal Instincts 2 Joanna’s become a bit of a celebrity now, and a constant figure in the tabloids thanks to her public exhibitionism. The film opens with her having sex with a man (Brian Salatino) on a pool table in a packed club as a bunch of men and women watch. James Matthew co-stars as Alex Savage. He and Joanna narrate this film, which frequently cuts to one of them speaking directly to the audience, revealing what they were thinking as the events occur. Alex is one of the most successful music producers in the record industry. He also happens to be blind, relying on his other senses to get around and to make music. His senses are so good that he is also a world-class knife thrower, who never misses a target. But his big secret is that he’s not really blind, he just pretends to be because he’s a voyeur, and he likes being able to watch people when they think they can’t see him. Don’t worry that’s not a major spoiler, he reveals this to the audience about 20 minutes into the film. Alex invites Joanna to an A-list party he’s throwing at his mansion, and she accepts.

Joanna arrives at the party and meets Alex. He takes her upstairs to a bedroom where a man is having a threesome with two women (I couldn’t figure out the actors names in the credits) and encourages her to watch them. After the party, he puts a blindfold on Joanna, and then they have sex. Then Joanna moves in with him, so she can work on a book that she’s been contracted to write about her life and exhibitionist exploits, and over the next couple of months they maintain a strange relationship, where she continually exposes her naked body in public and even has sex with other people right in front of Alex, getting off on the fact that he can’t see her, while he secretly encourages this behavior. Joanna has sex with rock star Trick Willy (John Bates) while Alex plays the piano. Then she has sex with White rapper Shane Hooligan (Anthony Lesa) in the kitchen while Alex and Shane’s bodyguards are eating lunch. Then Alex and Joanna have a threesome with a woman named Lolly Pop (played by hardcore film star Jenteal under her real name Reanna Lynn Rossi), one of Trick Willy’s groupies, in a bathtub while two cleaning women (Jacqueline Lovell and Tara Hayes) watch and start having sex with each other.

Things take a turn for the worst when Alex invites a Black gangsta rapper named Stone Chill (Marcus Grahm) over to the house, to discuss Alex producing Stone Chill’s next album. While eating, Stone Chill forces Joanna to have sex with his bodyguard (Sam Cupae), but then he pulls out a knife and begins to get violent. I won’t spoil the ending. But Alex is forced to reveal that he’s not really blind, and it’s unclear whether he and Joanna continue their relationship. Although it was her time with Alex that finally gave Joanna the inspiration to finish writing her book, which becomes a best-seller. The name of the book is, of course, ANIMAL INSTINCTS.

Storywise it’s probably better than Animal Instincts 2, but still not quite as good as Animal Instincts 1. I do miss seeing Shannon Whirry in this role, but I can’t think of a better substitute than Wendy Schumacher. Some of the sex scenes could have been a little longer, but for the quality of the action, the story, and the production values, this film still rates 5 STARS


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