Written by Alan Gries and Robyn Sullivent, and directed by Gregory Dark (as A. Gregory Hippolyte), this 1992 film from Axis Films International stars Martin Hewitt as Nick West, the host of a late-night radio talk show. The show is apparently mostly just Nick having phone sex with women on the air, as we see him doing with two different female callers in the beginning of the film (played by Julie Strain and Carrie Bittner), and occasionally arguing with the angry male callers her call in. Nevertheless, the show appears to be rather popular, as we get shots of people in different locations, in their own homes or in bars, listening to Nick’s show. Nick is assisted on the show by Delia Sheppard, who plays his call-screener/producer Bridget.

One night after a show Nick goes to a local bar, where his friend Cinnamon (Deborah Driggs) works as the bartender. A woman named Marilyn (Kristine Rose) approaches him as a fan, and she tells him about problems she’s having with her boss (she’s a stripper). Just then, her boss, Vincent (David Carradine) walks in with a henchman and tries to Marilyn to come with him, but Nick chases him off with a fake gun. Cinnamon leaves them alone, and Nick and Marilyn have sex in the bar.

The next night during his show, a frequent caller named Honey calls in, propositioning Nick. He dares her to finally show up at his studio like she always says she will. Later on that night, as the show is coming to an end, Honey shows up (played by Tracy Tweed), Nick tells Bridget to take the rest of the night off, and he puts on some music while he and Honey have sex in the studio. Unbeknownst to Nick, while they’re having sex, Honey flips the mic back on, so that everyone listening to the radio can hear them having sex. We get more shots of people around the city, including Cinnamon, listening to the sex taking place. Then everyone hears Honey screaming in pain and sounding like she’s being choked, before the sound goes off. Back at the studio, we see Nick and Honey both naked on the floor, Nick is coming to, rubbing his head, and he sees Honey laying there having been strangled. He panics and runs out. He goes to the bar where Cinnamon works & swears to her that he’s innocent. For some reason, she believes him, and agrees to help him hide out, while he tries to figure out who really killed Honey. They see on the news that Honey was a stripper, so they sneak into the club to meet two strippers that Cinnamon (who also used to be a stripper) knows and who worked with Honey, Kit and Lila (Jamie Summers – as Jamie Stafford- & Patrice Leal). They find out that Vincent now owns the club, and so Nick suspect that Vincent may have been the one to kill Honey and set Nick up, as revenge for interfering with Marilyn the other night). When the cops show up at the bar, Nick escapes with the help of Kit and Lila who take him back to their place, and then have sex with him in one of the hottest threesomes I’ve ever seen in a softcore film.

The rest of the film is Nick, with the help of Honey, trying to track down clues to find out who killed Honey, while also staying away from the police (led by a detective played by Sam J. Jones aka Flash Gordon). During this search he manages to have more sex, first with an ex-lover of Honey’s, a woman named Alex (played by Erika Nann) and then later with Cinnamon. There’s also a hot lesbian scene between Kit and Bridget. When the killer is exposed in the end, it’s a bit unexpected, but clever. Good acting all around from the cast, and very well directed. As I’ve written before, Axis Films International were making some of the best softcore films back in the early 90’s, and this is one of their best. 5 STARS

Like most early Axis films, it’s out of print, but you should be able to find the UNRATED version for sale on IOFFER.COM

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