The Pamela Principle


This is another film from the now-defunct movie studio Axis Films International, which produced and released a string of high-quality softcore films in the 1990’s. Released in 1992, this is one of their earliest. Directed by legendary adult film star/director Paul Thomas (using the name Toby Phillips), who also co-wrote the screenplay with Alan Griest and Robyn Sullivent (the duo who wrote Night Rhythms), it stars J.K. Dumont as Carl, a middle-aged tailor who specializes in women’s clothes. He’s married to his 2nd wife Anne (played Tamara Landry, under the name Shelby Lane) and they are outwardly happy, but Carl is a bit sexually frustrated. They’ve fallen into a boring daily routine, with Anne not that interested in the kind of wild spontaneous sex that Carl fantasizes about. Early in the movie we see a scene late at night in bed where Carl tries to awaken Anne and initiate sex, but she’s too distracted with thoughts of all the errands that she has to run the next day, and actually recites her grocery list while Carl tries to make love to her. Carl is further frustrated as he sees his carefree 20-something year old son Steve (Eugene Stevenson) living the hedonistic lifestyle that Carl craves, dating multiple girls. One night Carl spies Steve in their hot tub having sex with one girl (K.C. Williams aka Tracey Wolfe) and another night Steve is in their living room playing strip poker with another girl (Melissa Barrick).

Then one day a younger woman named Pamela (Kim Burnette aka Veronica Cash) walks into his store, looking for a dress. She’s an aspiring model/actress who is new in town. The mutual attraction between the two of them is immediate and soon, against his better judgment, Carl and Pamela are having a full-blown affair. This makes Carl feel like a new man, he starts working out and dyes the gray in his hair. Eventually, on Christmas Eve, Carl gets busted and Anne kicks him out of their house. He moves in with Pamela in her small apartment, where their age-difference becomes more apparent. She likes to have a lot of friends over for late-night parties and go out to clubs while he’d rather stay in alone. One night Pamela’s friend Felicia (Kym Wilde aka Regina Geisler) comes to stay with them, and Pamela invites her into bed with her and Carl for a threesome. Despite this being every man’s fantasy, Carl is a little freaked out by this, and ends up getting out of bed halfway through (while the ladies just continue without him) and he realizes how much he misses the “boring” stability of his wife, Anne. Can he go back and reconcile with Anne before it’s too late? Watch the film to find out!

This isn’t as good as some of Axis’ later efforts, but it’s still enjoyable. Kim Burnette is stunning in the title role. While there are only two full sex scenes with her in this film, there are multiple scenes of her in various stages of undress, showing off her tall voluptuous body. It’s a damn shame that she didn’t continue as an actress longer (IMDB only shows a handful of roles before she disappeared), as I believe that she could have been one of the greats of softcore. Likewise, Tamara Landry only has one full sex scene, but also appears nude and topless multiple times throughout this film. J.K. Dumont gets the most screen-time in this film and proves to be a very capable actor, even though he’s a cheating dog you never really hate him and actually kind of sympathize with him throughout the film. This was his first and only acting role, so I don’t know what happened to him either. Also notable is Frank Pesce who has a supporting role as Carl’s brother Eddie. All in all a very solid erotic film.

Chacebook rating: 4 STARS

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