Written by Phoebe Caulfield, Joyce James, & Mike Snyder, and directed by Carlo Gustaff, and it was released in 1994, same year as Night Fire, which also co-starred Shannon Tweed and Rochelle Swanson.

Tweed stars as Dr. Rebecca Mathis, a sex therapist. This film gets right to it is as it opens with Dr. Mathis in a session with a patient named Shoshana (Elizabeth Sandifer) who tells her about a private black-tie party she went to at a mansion, where she met and hooked up with a stranger named Paolo (Juan Carlo Vasquez). Shoshana and Paolo went upstairs to a bedroom and had sex up against a window while watching another couple (Tarik Ergin and Nikki Fritz) have sex outside on the balcony. After her story is over. Dr. Mathis reveals that she thinks Shoshana is lying and says she can’t see her unless she’s going to tell the truth in her sessions, so Shoshana leaves. Then Dr. Mathis goes to another office, where we learn that due to events that happened in the first film (which I haven’t seen yet), she is required to do community service in the form of treating ex-cons who are on probation. James Brolin plays Dr. Liam O’Donnell who runs the program, and from the start he makes it clear that he doesn’t have much respect for Mathis’ usual work and thinks that this is more important. He assigns her to see Darrell (Chad McQueen), who went to jail for stabbing to death a man that was trying to rape Darrell’s sister, and now is having trouble fitting back into society.

We see Dr. Mathis with another patient, Tom Mueller (Craig Stepp), a wealthy man who has been having trouble performing sexually with his wife Jordan (Rochelle Swanson). Mathis observes as Tom has sex with a professional sex surrogate (Marina Maximova) and it’s a hot scene, until the very end when Tom has to stop, he just can’t “finish”. He reveals to Dr. Mathis that he’s in the middle of a major business deal that can either set him financially for the rest of his life or ruin him completely. And that’s what’s making it difficult for him to have sex. Dr. Mathis recommends that Jordan start seeing Dr. O’Donnell for her own sake. And then things get complicated.

Shoshana sneaks into Dr. Mathis’s house one night and confronts her (right after Mathis got out of the shower, giving us a wonderful look at Tweed’s nude body). It turns out that she’s really a tabloid reporter trying to find out the details of Tom’s business deal and attempts to blackmail Mathis to get her the information. Dr. Mathis goes to the police but the detective she talks to (Cynthia Steele) is skeptical. Then right after Dr. Mathis confronts Shoshana at Shoshana’s apartment, someone else shows up and slits Shoshana’s throat, killing her.

So at this point the film becomes a murder mystery. While the police suspect Dr. Mathis, we know she didn’t do it, and her biggest suspects are either Tom, whom Shoshana was trying to get info on or Darrell, whom we learn has become “protective” of Dr. Mathis. I won’t spoil the mystery of the ending, you’ll have to watch it for yourself. But I’ll say that along the way we get some hot sex scenes featuring both Tweed and Swanson (although not with them together…dammit). Dr. Mathis and Dr. O’Donnell begin a relationship and they have sex twice in this film. At one point Dr. Mathis arranges for Tom to have another session with a sex surrogate, but she tricks him by bringing in Jordan to have sex with him, while he wears a blindfold. The sex scene is also pretty hot but near the end when Tom hears her voice he takes off his blindfold and sees that it’s her, and he can’t finish it again. And Jordan tells Dr. O’Donnell of two sexual encounters she has, one with a strange man in an alley behind a restaurant and one in a man’s loft with…well, that would be telling. But that second scene is particularly hot. Man, Rochelle Swanson was amazing, I wish she were still around making movies.

Overall, although this erotic thriller focuses heavily on the thriller aspect, it also is pretty erotic when it needs to be. And with a great cast of actors it’s well worth watching. A good film. Chacebook rating: 4 STARS


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