In 2010, Mandalay Entertainment decided to revive their Wild Things franchise with this 4th film, released direct-to-DVD. Andy Hurst, who co-wrote 2004’s Wild Things 2 and 2005’s Wild Things: Diamonds In The Rough, was tapped to direct this film, which was written by Howard Zemski and Monty Featherstone. And since, at this point, it’s been 12 year since the original film, which mesmerized audiences with it’s intense threesome scene, I guess they decided that if one man with two women is hot, then one man with three women would be even hotter.


We’re back in the fictional town of Blue Bay, Florida. Former Boy-Band singer and reality TV star Ashley Parker Angel stars as Carson Wheetley. He’s the spoiled wealthy son of successful Nascar driver Ted Wheetly (Cameron Daddo). Carson and his father don’t get along, as Carson plays his father for his mother’s suicide years earlier. The movie opens with Carson throwing a party at his house while his father is out of town. It’s a mansion with a pool, so the placed is packed with sexy looking young people in bikinis. Marnette Patterson plays Carson’s girlfriend Rachel. Josh Randall is Carson’s friend Shane, who also happens to be the son of a former partner and business rival of Ted’s. Shane shows up at the party with a girl named Brandi (Jillian Murray) and bets Carson $10,000 that he can’t beat Brandi in a boat race, which Carson accepts. Brandi wins the race and afterward we find out that Brandi’s mother used to be Rachel’s maid, and Rachel doesn’t like her. Later in the party after Rachel leaves Carson and Brandi keep talking and they kiss, which Rachel’s best friend Linda (Jessie Nickson) sees and she tells Rachel. Ted comes home and isn’t happy with the party going on. He tells Carson he’s going to spend the night at a hotel and warns him that if he doesn’t shape he’ll cut him off financially.

The next day at school Carson apologizes to Rachel, promising that all he and Brandi did was kiss and it’s just because he was drunk. She forgives him and then the police show up, telling Carson that Ted died while practicing racing one of his cars. At the reading of the Will, Ted’s assistant George (Ethan S. Smith) reveals that Carson only gets enough money for basic living expenses and won’t inherit the bulk of his dad’s estate until he’s 30. The only other way he’d get the money sooner is if he gets married. Carson immediately rejects the idea of getting married which pisses Rachel off. They fight about it and then make up. But then Carson gets arrested after Brandi accuses him of rape, with Linda acting as a witness. When George and Rachel meet with him in jail, they raise the possibility of paying Brandi off to make her drop the charges, but in order to get enough money to do that he has to marry Rachel. So Carson and Rachel get engaged, and then he and George meet with Brandi and her attorney and agree to pay her $5 million in exchange for her dropping the charges, with $100,000 in cash right then. Brandi then takes the cash straight to a fancy hotel, where she is met by Carson. And Rachel. And Linda. Yep, this was all a plan they concocted together, and now it’s time for a foursome.


John Schneider plays Detective Frank Walker, who investigates Ted’s death and begins to suspect that it was a murder and he thinks that Shane might be involved, possibly with Brandi and maybe even Carson. Brandi starts to panic and get nervous. She and Rachel meet alone and we discover that they both grew up poor together and dreamt of one day finding a rich husband. After Carson and Rachel get married, she tells him about Brandi’s nervousness, and he says that they have to kill her. Rachel agrees but then goes to Brandi and they plot to kill Carson. They all meet at a small motel and start to have a threesome but then turns violent and Rachel pulls out a gun. But who is she going to shoot, Carson or Brandi?

I’m not going to spoil this ending but, as per expected in these films, there are multiple plot twists before it’s over. Everyone is backstabbing and double-crossing everyone else. And nobody is exactly whom they seem to be.  Like I said with the previous film, the cast here does the best that they can with the material that they’re given. And I will give the writers credit for trying to come up with a compelling plot. This is a very ambitious film, but it doesn’t quite reach the heights that it aspired to. Like all the previous film, the entire scheme is spelled out in flashbacks during the closing credits and you’ll notice several plot holes. And, sure the few sex scenes were hot, but not enough to elevate this film beyond average.

Chacebook rating: 3 STARS

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