Walnut Creek


Written and directed by Edward Holzman, this 1996 film stars David Christensen as Preston Styles, a wealthy developer, Rochelle Swanson as his 2nd wife Laura, and Renee Weldon has his rebellious daughter Lacey, who doesn’t get along with her stepmother Laura and makes no effort to do so. They live in a big mansion in the country with a ranch. But not only is there tension between Laura and Lacey, Laura is sexually frustrated due to Preston spending so much time working. Also living on the estate is Seth (Alton Butler), their ranch hand, whom Lacey has a crush on. Kate Rodger plays Tonya, an ex-prostitute who is recruited by a rival developer (Greg Collins) to infiltrate the Styles family for some nefarious reason. Tonya, with a faked background, gets hired by Preston as the new ranch manager, living in a bungalow on the estate. And she sets about disrupting the lives of everyone in the family through treachery and seduction.

That’s the basic storyline and along the way to the dramatic conclusion we get some sex scenes (although not as many as you’d expect) and many shots of female nudity. Thankfully, the three leading ladies in this film aren’t shy. So I don’t want to spoil story or ending, but I’ll document the sex and nudity. The very first scene we get of Laura is her naked in her bedroom, sitting in front of a mirror while brushing her hair. A little later she’s back in bed naked again, she’s masturbating while fantasizing about having sex with Preston in the river. So the scene cuts back and forth between her and Preston in the river and her fondling herself in bed. Jacqueline Lovell has a very brief and uncredited scene where she’s topless, giving a man a massage. There’s a scene with Laura and Tonya in bikinis while in a Jacuzzi together. There’s a scene at night where Laura and Preston are about to have sex, he greets her in bed where she’s topless, wearing nothing but a pair of white lace panties, and they start kissing, but he goes to wash up and when he comes back she’s passed out naked in the bed (due to Tonya slipping drugs in her drink). Lacey and Seth have sex in a barn while Tonya secretly watches them. That night both Tonya and Lacey go skinny-dipping in the pool. We get a shot of Laura in the bathtub, the bubbles hide most of her, but her breasts are exposed. Then Tonya has sex with Seth in her bungalow, encouraging him to be forceful with him. Afterward she kicks him out and then calls the police and has him arrested for raping him. There’s a scene where Tonya strips naked for the man who she’s really working for and it’s implied that they then have sex, but they don’t show that. Tonya finally seduces Preston, he comes to her while she’s in the bathtub, she gets out and then they have sex in the bathroom. And there’s another scene where Laura’s in bed fantasizing about her and Preston in the river again, but then the scene switches to her imagining Preston in the river with Tonya.

We never get a full sex scene between Swanson and Christensen, which is a shame, nor a scene with Swanson and either Rodger or Weldon, which would have been awesome. So this film could have been better, in terms of erotica. And even the basic plot, like how Tonya who was just a prostitute happened to have the skills to run the ranch (which she did for over a month, and was successful at it), had a few holes in it. But overall it’s a decent picture. I’ll give it 4 STARS

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