You know Hollywood, if something works once, they have to try it again. 3 years after Scorned, this sequel was made. Written by Sean McGinly and directed by Rodney McDonald, this film as Tane McClure taking over the lead role of “Amanda Cressfield” (strangely, no mention is ever made of her real name, Patricia Langely). And while it would have been better if Tweed could have returned, McClure is definitely sexy in her own right and makes a pretty darn good replacement. Andrew Stevens, who co-produced this film, returns as Alex Weston, but in a much smaller role this time. With Mina Dillard taking over the role of Marina Weston. Ron Melendez, who played Robie Weston, is shown only in several black and white flashbacks from the first film.

The film picks up “about a year” (as Alex says) since the first film. Amanda is now married to Mark Foley, a psychology professor at an unnamed University. She’s suffering from some sort of trauma and does not remember any of her actions from the first film, or apparently whom she really is, but she keeps having nightmares where she has flashbacks of the events from the first film. She also has these flashbacks when she and Mark try to have sex, forcing her to stop. She’s been in therapy with another physiologist, Dr. Greenfield (John McCook), trying to remember her past. Meanwhile, Marina has been searching for Robie, whom we learn has disappeared several months earlier. He was supposedly a student at that University, so with the help of a police detective, she’s been interviewing Robie’s old teachers.

One day, Mr. Greenfield puts Amanda under hypnosis to try to help her remember her past, she starts having more memories of the Westons, including having visions of stabbing Robie to death and then burying his body somewhere. She snaps out of the hypnosis, feeling very distraught, but it’s unclear how much she really remembers now. She runs out of Greenfield’s office and goes to see Mark in his office. But when she gets there she sees Mark having sex on his desk with Cynthia, one of his students, who is played by Wendy Schumacher (aka Alexander Keith), whom I’ve written about before when she starred in another softcore sequel ANIMAL INSTINCTS 3. This makes Amanda determined to get revenge on Cynthia.

First, later that night, when Mark gets home, Amanda seduces him and they make love in front of their fireplace. Then she tells Dr. Greenfield that she doesn’t need any more therapy, over his objections. She uses Mark’s computer to hack into the school system and changes Cynthia’s grades to all F’s and D’s. She follows Cynthia to her house and takes pictures through the window of Cynthia having sex with her boyfriend Tyler (Thomas R. Martin). When Mark confesses to Amanda about having sex with Cynthia, she says she forgives him and they make love again. She even tells him she’ll go back to see Dr. Greenfield again.

But Amanda doesn’t give up her plan for revenge, she mails the pictures of Cynthia and Tyler to Cynthia’s parents. Then she meets and seduces Tyler so that Cynthia catches them as soon as they’re finished having sex. Meanwhile, Alex has come to town to join Marina in searching for Robie. They meet with Dr. Greenfield, who had Robie in his class, and they hand him an envelope that includes pictures of Amanda. For whatever reason, it takes Greenfield several days to get around to opening the envelope, and he sees the picture of Amanda. Just then Amanda comes in, and when she realizes that he knows who she really is, she stabs him to death with a letter-opener. Then when she sees Alex and Marina walking around campus, she follows them. She cuts the breaks on Alex’s rental car, then fakes a phone call from the local police, asking him to come in. When he goes out to drive, the breaks don’t work, and his car goes over a cliff. Then Amanda breaks into their hotel room, catches Marina in the bathtub, and electrocutes her with a hair-dryer. Then she goes to Cynthia’s house, ties her up and prepares to stab her too…

Okay, I think I’ve spoiled enough of this film. I’ll leave the actual ending for those of you waiting to see it for yourself. I’ll just say that there’s a bit of a twist that I didn’t see coming. Storywise, this has a lot less plausibility than the first film. Way too many lucky coincidences, and things that just don’t add up, like how Amanda met and married Mark in the first place when she didn’t even know who she was? How was she supporting herself then? Wouldn’t a college professor be more cautious about whom he married? Since she was a fugitive wanted for murder after the first film, wouldn’t her face have been all over the news? And a few other things don’t make sense. However, it’s saved by the performances of McClure and Schumacher, both of whom are given several chances to show off their ample assets. Therefore this film also gets a Chacebook rating of FOUR STARS.

As I said, this film can be bought on a DVD along with Scorned from several sellers on iOffer.

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