Bravely laying their lives on the line! …(Unwittingly to uphold the ideals of a multi-billion-dollar private security corporation)…Quantum and Woody have blundered into a suicide mission! And if they make it out alive, it only means a whole new world of trouble for our dyadic duo!

I CAN’T BELIEVE I FORGOT TO REVIEW THESE TWO MOST RECENT ISSUES!!!! Issues #8 is due out on Wednesday, and I never reviewed #6 or #7.

Oh well, better late than never.

So, after last issue, Eric is excited that his boss, Mr. Magnum, a stereotypical right-wing Christian conservative, is promoting him, now that he knows Eric is the superhero Quantum, and is sending him on what is called a “suicide” mission. Woody objects, because of the fact that he and Eric need to bang their wrists bands together every 24 hours in order to keep living, so Eric drags Woody along with him. On Magnum’s private jet, Magnum reveals the mission. An anti-goverment militia has set up its own fortified city called Stronghold in Montana, and have been stockpiling weapons. The government has hired Magnum Security to go in and disarm them so that they’ll have deniability if the mission goes wrong, and that’s why Mr. Magnum wants Eric to go in, as Quantum, who is thought of as just a rogue wannabe superhero, who no connections to any government or corporation, for maximum deniability if something goes wrong. They have a squad of ex-special forces soldiers with them for backup, but Eric is sent in on his on.

Meanwhile Woody, who was locked in another room to keep from making noise, hacks into one of Mr. Magnum’s laptops, and discovered that this isn’t a government sanctioned mission, that Mr. Magnum expects Quantum to get killed, and Mr. Magnum will use the incident in a proposal he plans to make to the government to pay his company to deal with domestic threats like this. Woody tries to get out to warn Eric, but is stopped by some of the soldier, who heard him talking out loud to himself. Meanwhile, Quantum sets off some unexpected landmines in the compound, thankfully shielded by his forcefield, and grabs a camouflage jacket (which was conveniently laying nearby) and attempts to “blend in” with the Militia, which he finds isn’t so easy to do, since he’s the only Black person there. It ends with a little boy shouting “The President’s come to take our guns.”

Another well-written issue, with just the right amount of humor, action, and suspense. There’s also a little subplot with the clone, 69, who was left back home, going to the police HQ to see her “sister” Det. Cejudo, who isn’t very happy to see her, especially since 69 wants to ask her about killing people. Ming Doyle continues on the art, and does a decent job. Chacebook rating: 4 STARS

Available digitally on Comixology

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