So…two superheroes, a clone, and a goat move into a junior two-bedroom…As a totally questionable romance blossoms between Woody and his runaway science experiment girlfriend, Eric finds himself quickly rising through the ranks of his new employers at Magnum Security. But when he comes to find that his duties as an on-staff superhero are bit more unsavory than he ever expected, it’s down to Quantum, an old army buddy, and Woody-interloper!-to discover the illicit truth behind Mr. Magnum’s all-seeing private security empire.

As per last issue, we open with Woody being held at gunpoint by the ex-soldiers that Mr. Magnum hired, after discovering that Magnum is setting Eric up to get killed by the militia so Magnum can score an expensive government contract to deal with domestic terrorism. Just as Magnum orders the men to shoot Woody, Woody comes up with a most ingenious way to stall for time. Meanwhile, outside, Eric is face-to-face with a dozen armed militia men, who all open fire on him even though he tried to surrender.

Woody uses his powers to escape, while Eric also uses his powers to survive being shot at, and the militiamen (& women) are all in shock, as they recognize his force fields as being like Quantum. It turns out that Quantum is their hero, having mistaken his actions in the earlier issues as being anti-government. And they refuse at first to believe that Eric, a Black man, is their hero. One of the militiamen happens to be a racist man named Buck, whom Eric served in the army with. When Woody arrives at the compound, whom the militiamen recognize as Quantum’s sidekick, they realize that Eric really is Quantum. Woody tells Eric about Magnum’s plan. And then Magnum and his soldiers come riding up to the compound in tanks, so Quantum and Woody prepare to fight alongside the White Supremacists against Magnum. To Be Continued.

James Asmus continues to impress me with his humorous and intelligent dialog, and Ming Doyle’s art improves with each issue. Chacebook rating: FOUR STARS

Available on Comixology

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