Quantum and Woody vs. Magnum Security…for all the marbles! Who would have suspected that Quantum’s employer Mr. Magnum and his private security firm were up to no good? So now the would-be victims of Magnum’s violence and greed rally around our unlikely heroes to protect their heavily fortified, heavily armed mountain town. These colors don’t run!

Picking up from last issue, Magnum’s soldiers are prepared to bomb the crap out of the militia stronghold and kill everyone inside, including Quantum and Woody, who now find themselves in the ironic position of fighting alongside a group of isolationist White Supremacists. So this is an action-packed issue, yet writers James Asmus continues to manage to slip him the humorous dialog that this series has become famous four, in instances such as a political debate between Quantum and Woody when Woody discovers that Quantum is a Republican. Among the militia is a racist ex-soldier who served in the army with Quantum and is ready to kill him for getting him kicked out. And, through a flashback, we finally learn exactly why Quantum was also kicked out of the army.

Throughout the issue we get a mix of bullets, bombs, and jokes, and Quantum also discovers a new way to use his powers. I won’t spoil how they get out of this jam and save the day, but let’s just say that by the time it’s over, Eric’s not working for Magnum Security anymore, so he and Woody will have to find some other way to make money. Fortunately, while they’ve been gone, Sixty Nine, the sexy clone, has somehow acquired a new car and a small building which she says will be their new HQ, outfitted with some equipment from an old E.R.A. base. Thus, setting up a new status quo for the title, maybe.

Another fantastic issue, story and dialog-wise. James Asmus really knows how to write these characters. And, as I always say, he somehow manages to find just the right amount of humor without making this an outright comedy book, and I like that. The interplay between Quantum and Woody, as well as all the characters they come across, always sounds natural. Great work, with nice art by Ming Doyle. Chacebook rating: FOUR STARS


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