Still trying to overcome his fear of flying after a plane crash that nearly killed him, Sgt. Eric Reid doesn’t have time for PTSD as the new Skyman! The superhero’s life isn’t made any easier by the confrontations with his handler and the shocking number of bugs plaguing his suit. And matters are made even worse as he discovers someone’s trying to sabotage the suit and smear his good name!

Picking up right from the first issue left off, Eric is in the Skyman suit, putting on an airshow in Egypt. It doesn’t go all smoothly because he has flashbacks to his time in the Air Force in Afghanistan which lead to his injury and the deaths of his squad. Lt. Sharpe, Eric’s handler, is still being an asshole. After the show Eric goes for a walk through the city and calls his wife. Then he sees a building on fire, and rushes back to get the Skyman suit, but finds it and Lt. Sharpe missing. So, even without any powers, and despite being handicapped, Eric rushes into the building to save a young girl, and notices Sharpe, in the Skyman suit, flying away from the scene. Later he confronts Sharpe, and discovers some awful truths about the Skyman Project, and Eric’s own role in it, which I won’t reveal here just yet. But after a brutal fistfight between Eric and Sharpe, Eric takes back the Skyman suit and flies away…To Be Continued.

Another great issue. Writer Joshua Hale Fialkov is proving that this is not just another superhero story. I like the sequence with the fire, because it shows that Eric is a hero even out of the suit, which is important to making us like the character. And Manual Garcia’s art if okay. This books gets a Chacebook rating of 4 STARS

Available via Dark Horse Digital

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