Another softcore sci-fi thriller from the mind of Dean McKendrick. Erika Jordan and Christie Stevens stars as Vala 27 and Isis 15, a couple of aliens who are coming to Earth to survey the planet in advance of their galactic army who plans to invade the planet, strip it of all it’s natural resources and wipe out the human race. But all they know about humans are from the broadcasts they’ve intercepted, which just so happen to be off late-night softcore films on cable. So their plan involves transferring their brains into two human women so they can understand humanity better…or something. I’m not really clear on their plan, or how this is supposed to help them conquer Earth, but does that really matter? Let’s get to the good parts.

Beverly Lynn Meadows plays Veronica and Sophia Bella plays Stephanie, two women who work together and are both frustrated because their husbands, Mike (Alexandre Boisvert aka Voodoo) and Jim (Seth Gamble) are always working, including on weekends. The first sex scene of the film, which starts about 5 minutes into it, is between Veronica and Mike by their pool. Then, up on their spaceship, Vala 27 and Isis 15 prepare to beam their consciousness’s down to Earth, but first, in order to be ready for the type of activity they’ve seen in the broadcasts, they go into another room of the ship and have sex on a table.

Then, while Veronica and Stephanie are out hiking, the aliens take over their bodies, with Vala 27 becoming Veronica and Isis 15 becoming Stephanie. Then Stephanie seduces Mike. Then Veronica goes to Mike and Jim’s job and seduces their boss, Mr. D’Angelo (Ryan Driller). Then Stephanie seduces Jim. And then we get several minutes of Veronica in the shower. The final sex scene is something that we don’t see very often in this films: a foursome. Vala 27 and Isis 15 reveal themselves in their true forms to Jim and Mike, and then give them the chance to have sex with them in their real forms. So then the four move to the couch, as Vala 27 has sex with Jim, while Isis 15 has sex with Mike.

Afterwards, do Vala 27 and Isis 15 go ahead with their plan to conquer and destroy the Earth? Well, that would be a spoiler, wouldn’t it? And I’d hate to spoil the ending, so you’ll all just have to check out the film for yourself.

A good film, all the ladies were lovely, and the sex scenes were shot very well. Although I would have liked at least one more scene with Erika Jordan, who has become one of my favorite softcore actresses, but I’m happy with what we were shown here. Chacebook rating: FOUR STARS

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