Another new softcore cinema sensation, from the mind of writer/director Dean McKendrick. The main stars are two married couples. There’s Jason (Frankie Dell) and Elena (Sophia Bella), who have been married a year. And the first sex scene in the film is the two of them having sex on their bed, before Jason heads to work. The 2nd couple is Rob (Ryan Driller) and Laura (Krissy Lynn), who have been married longer, and aren’t quite as happy. They haven’t had sex in six months, because Rob works so much. Jason and Rob work together, and are both competing on a project to get a big bonus. When Rob receives a folder with an invitation for four to spend a free weekend at an exclusive hotel, he calls to invite Jason and Elena with him, which they agree to because Jason hopes to use steal Rob’s work while they’re at the hotel.

The couples arrive at the hotel, which is really a large mansion, and meet the owner, Mr. Grismer (Mike Gaglio) and his one and only employee, the butler Wilfred (Frankie Cullen). They notice a bunch of pictures of other couples on the wall, which Grismer says were former guests, and none of them look happy. Then they’re introduced to a 3rd couple that are at the hotel for the weekend, Vince (Eric Masterson) and Susan (Mary Carey), who are not married. Vince got the invitation, and asked Susan, who he met at a strip club, to come with him. The couples are show to the rooms, and Vince and Mary get right down to having sex in theirs.

Jason and Elena get started on their plan to steal from Rob, by getting them alone. Jason and Laura play tennis. And when Laura complains about Rob’s busy schedule, she and Jason sneak back to Laura’s room to have sex. Meanwhile, Rob is sitting by the pool, working on his laptop. Elena comes to sit next to him, in a bikini, saying she wants to get a tan. She asks Rob to rub some suntan lotion on her back, which turns them both on, and they sneak into the kitchen to have sex. And during the sex, Elena manages to sneak a flashdrive into Rob’s laptop, and copy his work. Rob seems to be too distracted by having sex with Elena to notice this (and who can blame him?).

Wilfred steals a couple of personal items, a brush and a razor, from Vince and Susan’s luggage. And when Susan is looking at the pictures on the wall she sees the faces in the picture move, and it freaks her out. She runs to Vince and says they need to leave. But Mr. Grismer manages to convince them to pose for a picture first. And when they do, Vince and Susan disappear and are now trapped inside a picture, which Wilfred places on the wall along with the others.

That’s the secret of the hotel. It’s built on land from an ancient Satan-worshipping cult. Mr. Grismer invites couple’s to stay, and once he gets some personal item from each person, and then takes their picture, it traps their souls in the picture for eternity.

Yeah, I know, that’s kinda nuts. But, whatever, just suspend your disbelief for an hour, and go along with it.

Late on, Laura catches Wilfred in her room, going through her luggage, and seduces him. Then even later Elena catches Wilfred doing the same thing, and she seduces him too (lucky bastard). Then Rob and Elena reconcile, as Rob admits that he’s been working too hard, and that when they get back home he’s going to arrange for a real vacation from work, so he and Laura can spend some quality time together, which makes Laura happy, and the two of them finally have sex.

But then Rob finds out about what Grismer and Wilfred are really up to, and tells Elena and Laura that they all need to get the Hell out of that place before it’s too late. Do they succeed? Well, that would be a spoiler, so get the movie yourself and find out!

Overall I liked this film. Sophia Bella and Krissy Lynn are both hot, and each gets 3 scenes, which are great. I do wish we could’ve gotten at least one more scene with Mary Carey in it, perhaps a lesbian scene, but still she and Eric Masterson did a good job in their one scene together, so I was satisfied. Chacebook rating: FIVE STARS

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  1. I have a very specific question for the director of this film. There is a wine being poured, a Pinot noir, “Brenner”? I need to know the brand specifically …


    • That’s an interesting question. I just checked the DVD, skipped ahead to the scene where they serve wine, but the man doesn’t say which brand it is, and I couldn’t see the label clearly. As for asking the director, Dean McKendrick, I haven’t been able to find any contact info of him online. He doesn’t appear to have a website or profiles on any social media sites.


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