Written by Georges des Esseintes and directed by Gregory Dark (as Alexander Gregory Hippolyte), this 1992 film from Axis Films International stars Delia Sheppard playing a dual role as twin sisters Kaitlin (with short red hair) and Shauna (with long blond hair). Kaitlin is unhappily married to Jeffrey (Jeff Conaway), a political consultant working on the campaign of California Gubernatorial candidate Carter Sayles (Richard Arbolino). Jeffrey is so busy that he has no time for Kaitlin, leaving her sexually frustrated, while expecting her to be the proper “political wive” when they’re out in public. Meanwhile Shauna is a wild free spirit, living alone. The first time we see her she’s in bed with a rock musician named Joey (Nels Van Patten), then later she dances on stage with his band when they’re performing in a club, and she picks a random stranger from the crowd (Michael John Meyer) and takes him back to her place for sex. But while they’re having sex she gets a message on her answering machine which is just a few musical notes, but it makes her freak out. She kicks the dude out of her place, then calls Kaitlin and asks her to wire some money to her account that night because she has to leave. Kaitlin keeps asking what’s wrong, but Shauna just insists that she has to leave, and will see her whenever she gets back. The next night Kaitlin goes over to Shauna’s apartment, the landlord lets her in because he thinks she’s Shauna. Kaitlin looks around and then finds a bunch of wigs. She puts a long blond wig on, and tries on some of Shauna’s linger, and starts drinking. Joey comes by, and assumes she’s Shauna and starts coming on to her. After some initial resistance, Kaitlin goes along with it and has sex with him. The next morning during breakfast with Jeffrey, Kaitlin is acting much happier and more content. She begins to continue going to Shauna’s place, dressing in her clothes and secretly living her life.

In my opinion, there is some good potential for a story there, if the film had continued focusing on this plot, with the uptight Kaitlin learning to enjoy herself sexually by stepping into the shoes of her wild twin sister, Shauna. Unfortunately, the film derails a bit by going off into some more complicated story involving a man in a mask, and drugs and a political conspiracy. It’s certainly an ambitious script, but I found most of it boring and just kept waiting for them to get back to the erotic scenes. But even on that level I don’t think it lives up to its potential. Delia Sheppard is a very sexy woman, who has had some good roles in other Axis films around this time, so putting her in this leading role should have been a slamdunk. They even got Julia Strain in this film, playing a secretary, and she and Delia have a sex scene together, and that should have been a smokin’ hot scene. But it wasn’t shot very well, and didn’t last that long. Which is the same with Delia’s other scenes. It also probably doesn’t help that the two man male leads are Conaway and John O’Hurley (yes, J. PETERMAN). They’re both great actors, so they’re perfect for the dramatic scenes, but neither are “softcore actors” and that is evident during the sex scenes that they are in.

The film also had Julia Strain in a separate threesome sex scene with a man in a mask and adult film star Dominique Simone (under the name Deirdre Morrow) and that was nowhere near as hot as it should have been. Lee Anne Beaman from The Other Woman and Sins Of The Night makes a brief appearance and gets topless, but that was a waste. So while the acting was good and the story was, as I said, ambitious, it’s not very erotic overall. I can only give this film 3 STARS

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