This 2010 film was written and directed by Fred Olen Ray, but I only just found out about it recently, after seeing the trailer for it on a DVD for another Retromedia softcore film. I ordered the film, based on the appeal of its three female stars: red-headed beauties Heather Vandeven and Rebecca Love, and Asian babe Christine Nguyen. And I’m a sucker for sci-fi that contains sex.

The basic premise is that some kind of aliens, who have no physical form, come to Earth via a meteor, and with the use of some necklaces made out of fragments of the meteor possess the bodies of the women who wear the necklaces, and attempt to stop a scientific researcher from designing a special satellite that, if launched, will enable humans to discover the alien’s home world, which will lead to galactic war…or something, I dunno, I kind of zoned out on that part, as it doesn’t make much sense, and isn’t all that relevant to the enjoyment of the film anyway (c’mon, you don’t buy movies like this for the plot).

Frankie Cullen plays Max, the man designing the satellite. And as the movie opens, Max is in bed with Rebecca Love’s character, Rita, and they have a hot sex scene. Then suddenly Heather Vandeven, who plays Max’s wife Karen, shows up, catches them in bed and kicks Rita out. Then Karen storms outside with a drink in her hands and sees the meteor fall, and when she touches the remains of it, she becomes possessed by the aforementioned alien. It should be noted that, because these aliens have no physical bodies of their own, once they are inside the human bodies they become very curious to experience the sense of touch, and other physical sensations, for the first time. Karen’s first impulse after touching the meteor, and gathering up a couple of pieces of it to make into necklaces, is to go back inside to take a shower, so we’re treated to an almost 4-minute shower/masturbation scene. Then Karen wakes up Max, who was sleeping on the couch, and tells him she forgives him for cheating and then seduces him.

The next day, Max goes to work. His boss is extremely impressed with his progress on the satellite, but not happy with the progress of Max’s coworkers, Carla (Nguyen) and Tom (Billy Chappell aka Tony Marino). After getting chewed out by the boss, Tom and Carla decide that they need to come up with a way to sabotage Max in order to make themselves look better. It turns out that Tom is already in league with some mysterious foreign agent to sell him Max’s plans, but Tom needs to steal the blueprints for that satellite first. Max doesn’t suspect a thing, and he invites him and Carla over to his house for drinks that night, which Tom accepts, thinking it will be the perfect opportunity to sneak around and find the blueprints. Meanwhile, back at home, Karen invites Rita over to let her know she’s not mad at her for sleeping with Max, and she gives her one of the necklaces she made, which causes Rita to be possessed by an alien, and then the two ladies have sex on the kitchen table.

I’ll point out that, at this point, it’s just half an hour into the film, and it’s already the third full sex scene, plus the early shower scene. This is a short movie, a little less than an hour and a half in length, but it definitely doesn’t waste time getting to the good parts.

Later that night, Tom and Carla come over, and the two couples are having drinks. Tom excuses himself to use the bathroom, but really sneaks into Max’s home office, and finds the blueprints, but before he can take them, Karen walks in and seduces him, and they have sex over the desk. Carla and Max are still downstairs having drinks, then Carla manages to sneak off upstairs to the bedroom and tries to look for the blueprints herself, but Karen finds her and gives her one of the necklaces, possessing Carla now, and then tells Carla to come back to meet her the next day. Carla tells Tom, who is very upset that he was so close to getting the blueprints but lost them, that she has a headache, so the two of them leave.

The next day at work, Max notices that he doesn’t have the satellite blueprints on him, and tries to call Karen to see if they’re still at home, but she doesn’t take the call because she’s meeting with Rita and Carla. The three women/alien discuss the best plans to stop the satellite from getting built but realize that even though they have the current plans, Max could just start over and rebuild them, so they consider killing him, but then decide that they could just take him back to their planet with him. So, while they wait for him to come home, Rita and Carla have sex on the couch, while Karen watches. The only disappointment with that scene is that I kept expecting Karen to join in and make it a 3-way, but she never did. Nevertheless, Love and Nguyen, who are both softcore veterans, manage to put on one helluva scene.

Tom sneaks into the house, to try again to steal the blueprints, and walks in on the ladies having sex. He waits until it’s over and walks up to them all and pulls out a gun. He steals the blueprints and leaves. Karen calls Max at work and tells him what happened. Max rushes out to try to find Tom, but Tom makes it to a meeting with his contact, but it turns out that he’s stolen the wrong blueprints, and that his contact is an undercover FBI agent, who arrests him.

Back at the house, Karen takes Carla up to the bedroom and tells her that, before they leave Earth, Carla should experience sex with a man. Karen shapeshifts into a duplicate of Max, and the two of them have sex on the bed. Then the real Max shows up, having not found Tom, but he sees his blueprints still sitting on his desk in his home office, and then he sees Rita, who tells him that Carla is waiting for him in the bedroom. When Max walks in, he sees “himself” in bed with Carla. Naturally, he’s shocked. So Karen, while still in his form, explains to him that she and the other ladies are aliens and that she’s sending them all back to their planet, while Karen decides to stay on Earth for a while, taking Max’s place, so “she” can experience more sex in a physical body. With a wave of her hand, Max, Rita, and Carla all teleport away in a flash of light.


Okay, so, again, this was a short movie, but within that time we get six full sex scenes, four male/female and two female/female, plus the full frontal shower scene. And all the scenes are hot, so it’s well worth the time. The only thing I’d say was missing is that Marino and Nguyen, despite playing a couple in the film, never got a sex scene together. Still, what we did get was perfect. I give this film 5 STARS

Filling out the cast, in non-sex roles, are Ted Newsom as the boss, and Ron Ford as the FBI agent. You can purchase the dvd on Amazon: Housewives from Another World (2010)

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  1. Rebecca’s character you could say was the villain in a sense both in and out of the alien persona as to how her character existed only to make sure the hero was twisted to her side and with looks and sex imo

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