In the end of the previous issue it was revealed that the Columbian drug cartel is being run by a preteen boy that they call Warchild. I think he’s supposed to be a rebooted version of Timmy, the little robot boy from the original series, but I’m not sure. Not much background is given about him yet, just that he was a former child soldier whose intelligence impressed the cartel members so much that they started following him. Then we learn that he’s secretly being aided by a large cybernetic man whose been guiding him on how to run the cartel and the country. His name isn’t given yet, and I don’t recognize the character.

Back at the camp, Stryker, Velocity, and Aphrodite arrive and try to convince Dominique to disband the camp and leave. Then the big cyborg attacks everybody. Our heroes manage to drive him off, and he returns to his base and prepares for another attack, while back at the camp Dominique has been gravely injured, and the only way to save her life is for Aphrodite to perform some surgery on her and give her cybernetic implants too (which anyone familiar with the original team won’t be surprised by).

I still wished the plot could advance a little faster, it’s seven issues in and there still isn’t an actual “team” yet, we’re still in the assembly stage. But writers Matt Hawkins and Bryan Edward Hill still manage to provide just enough info to keep my hooked each issue, so they’re doing their jobs. And they’re helped by the fact that they’ve got a very capable artist like Atilio Rojo to illustrate their stories. Cyber Force is still an enjoyable title each month. Chacebook rating: FOUR STARS


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