Picking up right from where the previous issue left off, Ripclaw is trying to convince Dominque to pack up the camp and leave, because the drug cartel will just send more men after then. But she refuses, and Ripclaw decides to take the fight to the cartel himself. But on his way he’s confronted by Stryker, Velocity, and Aphrodite, who have come to Columbia to track him down. Stryker tries to convince Ripclaw that they need to join together because he was “made” by the same people that made them. Ripclaw explains the truth about the local cartel and who runs it, and how it is that he came to be in Columbia. But other than that, he rejects Stryker’s offer and runs off. Meanwhile Aphrodite does some confiding in Velocity, and we see that she has flashbacks of her previous life as a doctor, including the murder of her ex, Emily, but she doesn’t know what those memories mean. She just knows that they can’t trust Cyberdata.

So overall, not much really happens in this issue. It’s almost like a fill in. Yes, I’m still mostly enjoying it, and I think that is due to my familiarity with the original series. I’ve pointed out in previous reviews that writers Matt Hawkins and Bryan Edward Hill seem to be aiming this reboot at previous readers. And, I don’t know, maybe that is the best strategy for this title? Odds are that the vast majority of readers who are inclined to pick up this title will be those who’ve read some previous version of the book, so maybe it makes sense to just write this book with that assumption? I don’t know. I’m still enjoying it. So I’m going to keep reading it.

Chacebook rating: FOUR STARS


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