Executive Assistant: Iris Vol. 5 #5

Well, this is it! The big climax! Everything has been building to this. Final issues of miniseries like this are always tough to review, as I don’t want to spoil too much for those who may have been holding out, waiting for the series to end before buying it. Or perhaps are waiting for the inevitable trade paperback collection of the series (which is due in November). On the other hand, if you are reading these reviews, I think it’s also safe to assume that most of you have also been buying the series, so why should I hold back.

First, if you’re in the first group, still waiting, my recommendation is BUY THIS BOOK! IT”S AWESOME. It got off to a slightly slower start than Blake Northcott’s last miniseries, FATHOM, but it picks up steam in the middle and ends with an extremely satisfying conclusion. Chacebook rating: 5 STARS

Now stop reading this, because from here on there will be some spoilers.



So, as per the end of the previous issue, we discover that Mackenzie has joined Iris in her crusade against Magni Global, and this issue begins with the two of them planning to storm the heavily fortified MG skyscraper, make it to the top floor and kill Alexander Magni III. So it’s clear that we’re in for another dose of action, which Blake Northcott has shown to be good at writing. But what I love must about this issue is that nothing happens exactly the way that I assumed it would.

First of all, in the beginning, as Iris and Mackenzie are preparing their assault, and Iris was telling Mackenzie that she didn’t need to join her, Mackenzie was being so insistent that she was on Iris’ side, as well as acting so confident that they would both succeed and survive, that I thought for sure there this was telegraphing a plot twist later on where Mackenzie betrays Iris. But, nope, Blake avoided that cliche, by having Mackenzie really be on Iris’ side (although we see that she did have a separate agenda that Iris didn’t know about). Clever.

Likewise, I also expected the issue to end with Iris being successful, despite the obstacles she would face (including the expected betrayal by Mackenzie) and eventually reach the top floor, confront Alexander in his office, and kill him. But once again Blake avoids the obvious resolution, and we see that Iris had an even better punishment in mind for Mr. Magni.

And of course the best twist at the end was revealed with the reappearance of the oilman from the first issue! I had noted before that his absence from subsequent issues was odd, considering that he was the reason that Magni Global recruited Iris to work for them in the first place. So by the time this issue started, I just thought that was a random plot point that Blake had forgotten.


I should never have doubted her, as she is a much better writer than that, and she proved it by tying everything up as well as she did, giving this miniseries a nice complete resolution, while also leaving it open for future adventures. Very well-done! Blake Northcott is a writer to watch!

And, as per the previous four issues, this one was beautifully illustrated by newcomer Donny Tran, who has shown great promise with his work in this series, and I expect great things from him in the future, as well.



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