Executive Assistant: Iris Vol. 5 #4

Okay, first, I will try not to be too revealing and spoil all the surprises, but…

At the stunning conclusion of the previous issue, events came to a head as Iris discovered that Magni Global is indeed corrupt as fuck. She actually attempted to kill her boss, Alexander Magni III, only to learn that he is untouchable, and that she is now forced to continue to work for him, lest she be killed herself.

This issue picks up a month later, where we see Dr. Ziyra debriefing Iris after the conclusion of her most recent mission, in which she and Mackenzie (who, apparently, remains loyal to Magni Global) were sent to Russia, where some computer hackers have developed a computer virus that is both dangerous and worth billions to the U.S. government. So Alexander wants Iris to steal the virus and kill the hackers, who were operating in some remote heavily fortified compound. So most of this story, is told via flashbacks, with the framing sequence being set in the present.

Due to the framing sequence, it’s clear from the start that Iris succeeded in her mission, yet that doesn’t dilute the suspense in seeing exactly how she and Mackenzie do it. They’re two women against a dozen armed men, in a foreign country, with the added stipulation from Alexander that if they don’t successfully complete the mission within a specific time, they will be stranded in Russia and completely disavowed, facing a lifetime of imprisonment. But despite the heavy odds, Iris never loses her cool, either during the mission or during her debriefing, in which she also makes no secret at all of her ill-feelings towards the company and her boss. And it’s the interplay between both Iris and Mackenzie during the mission and Iris and Dr. Ziyra during the debriefing, that once again shows off writer Blake Northcott’s skill at writing believable and entertaining dialog. Coupled with the action scenes, this makes this issue the most exciting and dramatic of this series yet, as it races towards the climax, which offers more surprises, and will leave you in anxious anticipation for the next issue. And artist Donny Tran continues to show that he’s a capable artist, as he deftly handles the illustrations.

Executive Assistant: Iris is proving to be the hit miniseries of the summer. Chacebook rating: 5 STARS



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