Executive Assistant: Iris Vol. 5 #3

Despite learning at of Magni Global’s questionable methods in the way they handle certain cases last issue, Iris continues to work for them. This time she and Mackenzie are in Rome to protect the President of Japan and his young daughter, at some fancy gala. They have reason to believe that the Italian Mafia will attempt to assassinate him. But once again, as the mission proceeds, Iris begins to feel that Magni Global isn’t being completely honest about the situation. At the party, as assassination attempt is indeed made on the Japanese President, but Iris foils this attempt and gives chase to the assassin, which leads to a brutal showdown. Spoilers prevent me from saying more, but when it ends the status quo of this series is dramatically altered.

I have to say that after a solid start in the first two issues, this third issue is where things really get going. The action, drama, and suspense is all turned up to eleven here. By the time we get to the part where Iris is chasing the would-be assassin (on a motorcycle), my blood was pumping fast as I turned each page. And that’s not even the best part of the issue, that comes in the final pages where she has to make another confrontation, with the stakes being even higher for her.

Writer Blake Northcott shows that she is adept at writing action scenes as she is at writing dialog. And artist Donny Tran does some of his best work here. If you (yes, YOU)haven’t picked up this miniseries yet, now is definitely the time to jump on. If you like dramatic tension, well-written characters, and cinematic action scenes, then you won’t be disappointed. This is overall the best issue of the miniseries, and with just two issues left I’m really hyped to see what happens next!

Chacebook rating: 5 STARS




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