So at the end of the previous issue, future Aphrodite and Killjoy broke into Cyber-Data’s headquarters and, while Killjoy fought (and was subdued by) Stryker, Velocity, and present Aphrodite, future Aphrodite did something which someone caused a complete electronic blackout across the entire planet. This was somehow supposed to help prevent the apocalyptic future that she came from, except when she returned to her time she discovered that nothing had changed.

This issue beings 24 hours later, the global blackout is still ongoing. We’re in Columbia, were we meet this series’ version of Ripclaw (strange that he’s not on the cover, instead of Velocity, who doesn’t even appear in this issue), although he’s never referred to by that name, or any other name (other than the code: “RP” when contacting someone over an old CB radio), in this issue. And that right there spotlights a problem I’ve noted in some of my previous reviews. And that is that although this series is a complete reboot, and thus no knowledge of any of the previous version of this series should be necessary, writers Matt Hawkins and Bryan Edward Hill seems to be counting on the fact that most readers will at least some previous knowledge and therefore will automatically have some familiarity when these characters are introduced in this series. And I just don’t think that they should be counting on that.

Anyway, Ripclaw is in Columbia, he’s been fighting drug cartels members and soldiers. He’s got all of his familiar cybernetic enhancements, and there is mention of “the people who made him this way” eventually coming for him. An acquaintance of his tells him of an American doctor who has been running a medical camp in the woods for some refugees and their families, who is now in danger from the local cartel. Initially intending to stay out of it, Ripclaw later decides to seek out the camp for help. The doctor is Dominique Theibault, another character that previous Cyber Force fans will be familiar with. And we see her as she finds out about the threat and attempt to convince those at the camp to move, but their leader refuses. That night, cartel soldier attack, and just as all seems lost, Ripclaw arrives, and saves the day.

More good action in this story, although it leaves the plot threads from the previous issue open. Artist Atilio Rojo is given the opportunity to cut loose while showing Ripclaw’s savagery. Things are advancing slowly but steady, but I am hoping the actual team begins forming soon.

Chacebook rating: FOUR STARS


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